Power This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Get the wires for the fans, place them in the junction box, activate switch 3 and go through the now disabled fan in the vents to reach this floor. If it is not for his Crestfallen Mask to lower Doom (- 10%) and sta has surplus, it is not recommended to fight him. https://woh.fandom.com/wiki/Aka_Manto?oldid=4783. Take both items to the library, use the seeds then the watering can on the flower pot sitting on a table in the middle of the room to get the coin. Type Pick up the Ofuda Talisman in a set of drawers on the right side of the library, the head back to the starting hallway and use it on the door "locked by evil spirits". Be cautious however as his true form is more dangerous and more durable than this otherwise worldly maniac... Enemy's Skill: Swinging Knife (Attack deal double damage.). The first playthroughs will seem quite long because of how confusing the layout of the school is but once you understand where all the locked gates lead and where all the items are you can finish the game in 15ish minutes. The most striking feature of Aka Manto is his gaping mask with that reveals nothingness behind the eyes and the mouth sockets. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. 1 Appearance 2 Story 3 How to Escape Aka Manto 4 Alternate Version(s) 5 In Fiction Often described as a beautiful man in life and hounded constantly by admirers, he supposedly wears a mask to hide his face. TIPS Aka Manto (True Form) is the true final boss of Chilling Chronicle of Crimson Cape. Damage Feel free to ignore the mask, you'll be either sprinting or burst sprinting so by the time Aka gets to you, you'll be long gone. All rights reserved. Library: Get the watering can from the pool area, use it on the pool to fill it. Power The name of Aka Manto is the same as that of the real urban legend "red cloaks"(Aka manto in Japanese is 赤マント), and its exclusive event "Legend, Alive", the option in reality also corresponds to the content of the real "red cloaks". Follow the hall all the way to a wooden door which leads outside, pick up the. Anatomy Right Arm: Library, when you enter go into the side room to the right, sitting on a bookshelf. Enter the vent, turn right at the fan, go past the recording and take the second left, drop down the hole and pick up the, Use the crowbar to break the boards at the farthest end of the vent (turn right at the first fan and follow the path all the way). A dark circle of scars or fresh wound can be seen on the edge of the mask. -2 ALL Use 3 of the 100 yen coins to buy everything from the vending machine in the cafeteria, pick up the [bMilk][/b] and the, place them in the shrine in the shrine room to get an item. Aka Manto (Red Cape/赤マント) is a ghost who haunts bathroom stalls; usually the last stall of all the stalls. Anatomy Nose: Unmissable, located in the vent to the left of the two fans leading to different areas. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The first book is on the first shelf on the left, then keep walking down to the second last big shelf where the second book is. https://woh.fandom.com/wiki/Aka_Manto_(True_Form)?oldid=3895. After activating all 3, this opens a secret room in the hallway. Usually, the battle with Aka Manto will cause the player to lose 5 sta first, which will make it very difficult to fight with him. In order to finish the game you'll need to solve a few puzzles, each of these will be spoilered so only look if you're having trouble. Yellow Paper (Pool Area, take the Fishing Rod from the cafeteria, and use it on the pool to get this), Purple Paper (Pool Area, take the stairs up at the back of the pool area to a little room with the paper stuck on the back of the lockers), Green Paper: (Roof, located in the room behind Nagisa), Blue Paper: (Well area, give 100 Yen Coin to the well then talk to the well again), Recording 1: In the first bathroom, sitting on the sink. Recording 8: Turn right out of the Womens bathroom leading to the pool area, sitting on some sinks to the left headed to the pool area. Go to the science area and grab the seeds sitting on the bed in the science room. Had the player overheard a crucial piece of information from the gossiping students in the schoolyard, they'll be able to choose the new "I don't want anything from you!" Indigo Paper (After entering the vent, turn left at the fan and follow it all the way to the end, turn right at the intersection and it's at the end of the path. You're locked here with this crazy man! Eldritch Orange Paper (From previous paper, turn around and go back the way you came, keep going through the vent and turn right once you see Recording 2: drop into the bathroom and it's in the second stall on the right). Exit the library and go whatever way you want until you get to what was once a big alcove, and is now a hidden room with the item sitting on the sink. Bathroom/Pool Halls: After using the Kerosene Pump on the acid filled toilet, the coin will be in the toilet. Exit the girls bathroom and turn right, then turn your first left and enter the wooden door on the right, it's sitting on a desk. I will try to keep this guide as SPOILER FREE as possible. 26 Anatomy Organ: Library, you need to activate 3 secret books in the library (red books slightly sticking out of the the shelf). He is encountered at the end of the "Chilling Chronicle of Crimson Cape" mystery. Anatomy Brain: Bathroom/Pool hallways. World of Horror Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Unmissable, Recording 2: Enter the vents and turn right at the first fan, sitting in an alcove on the left, also relatively unmissable, Recording 3: Science Room, to the left of the anatomy model (if facing it), Recording 4: Cafeteria, sitting on a table at the back right of the room near the Health Drink, Recording 5: Shrine Room, sitting on a shoerack on the left side of the room, Recording 6: Pool Area, Upstairs room, same room as Purple Paper, Recording 7: Opposite Science Room, sitting in a desk in the same room as Anatomy Ribcage. This grants a new dialogue option during the bathroom encounter which lets you avoid taking damage before the boss fight. Watch out for spiders, being trapped by them wastes a lot of time.

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