The success rate sounds pretty low for phase one but becomes nearly guaranteed after that. Aim to break Volk before the fog disappears; Steal Vitality will happen soon after the fog disappears, which might make things hectic if Volk is still above 50% HP at that point. Deal with this as the previous instance of Imminent Illness, but keep in mind that there are now also red markers representing wolves that charge, that track the ranged baiter, usually a healer that strike them. The Promised Land. Register. For speedclearing with Gala Mym compositions, see Attack and Patterns (Quad Gala Mym) for direct instructions. If the only ranged unit is the healer, the melee units should pay attention and avoid using skills with long durations. As the healers' healing output are more than sufficient, even when lightly equipped, it is possible to experiment with off-element dragons for access to strong buffs. There are two ways of destroying the Blood Moon: Volk is likely to be defeated by this point in fast runs. This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 02:46. The clear rate is very low as it is and not having MUB Azazel is basically a dealbreaker for the auto comp. 66.7k members in the DragaliaLost community. Detonate all bombs with dragon forms, unload dragon skills on Volk, and continue DPSing (you should be still in dragon form when Volk phase changes.). These shurikens will inflict Sleep on units that do not resist Sleep. Hi all - I've put together this 100% clear rate Full Auto guide for the Expert Agito (eTart aside). Volk | Dragalia Lost Wiki | Fandom. This move tends to show up only on very slow runs. At this point, everyone should be in the middle of the arena. 4 months ago. Volk is likely to be defeated by this point in slow runs. Volk. The other speedclear composition has a very low tolerance for mistakes due to the lack of healer and lack of dragon form to circumvent damage. Anything after this is a repeat of all previous moves, albeit potentially in a different order, so pay attention to the moves, and react accordingly. Units at low HP should shapeshift before the phase changes if healing is not received, as the phase change inflicts damage, which may prove fatal to units at low HP. On Volk, resistance to all afflictions will be set to a fixed value for the duration of Plague, and the enemy cannot receive any form of healing (via Life Drain, for example). Volk's Wrath: Expert is a challenge quest centered on a boss battle with Volk, unlocked upon the completion of Chapter 10 and any Advanced Dragon Trial at standard difficulty, and meeting the minimum might requirement of 28,000. All adventurers in standard compositions should equip their standard wyrmprints. Aim to have Volk's HP reduced to below half of his entire HP bar. Skill, dodge, or get to the blind zone. Volk cannot recover HP from dragons, as they do not take HP damage. The entire team should roll towards Volk here, after using any skills that may benefit them later (e.g. This page is currently in the process of being expanded on. The designated baiter (usually the healer) should be at the upper-right corner, right at the edge of the fog. 590. This black fog inflicts plague on anyone caught in it. Bracing (air recovery) grants iframes, but these iframes end as soon as you land. What were your skill shares? If this Blood Moon is not destroyed quickly, it will fall and instantly defeat all adventurers regardless of whether they're in dragon form or not, resulting in instant quest failure. If you already have it, though, use it. Otherwise, just dodge roll towards the center. Note: This is based on a slower run that can last about 5:30. Gamepedia. For Expert, at a minimum, adventurers should be equipped with at least a 5 Chimeratech weapon; these weapons are in fact required before you're able to craft Agito weapons in the first place. The dragons are mostly interchangeable, aside from, On other adventurers, using Arctos likely requires a. If Volk still has significant amounts of HP left and your equipment are at least meeting the requirements, it's likely your DPS uptime is low, or there was excessive amounts of life drain, so practice more and try to get more attacks in. Dragalia Lost - Full Auto Expert Volk - Expert Agito Volk's Wrath - … Volk will move towards the center of the arena and then summon two purple chasers that track units. Let's say he was burned once during plague, which would increase resistance by 5%. Volk will pick the two closest units and drill towards them. If possible, try to bait claw swipes away from the healer, though there is a safe ring between the swipe area and the black fog. Btw, Marth could be a better option than Nobu? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Save up skills and dragon form for the upcoming attack. Everyone should ideally be equipped with a max-unbound 5 Flame-attuned dragon for Expert. Check the minimap - if Volk's pointing at your general direction, roll perpendicularly! This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. However, if DPS is very low, he will perform a third swipe, indicated by a "!!" Volk cannot recover HP if Volk himself is plagued. Volk will prioritize ranged units before selecting melee units. Usually, the last Marth to get targeted by Volk is the one to attempt this. Note that due to general viability of adventurers in this quest, only a select few adventurers are shown in this section. He will still be at 50% during plague, but after plague ends he will have his true res value, 80% (75% + 5%). If you have shapeshift ready by this point (usually happens with speedrun compositions with. An adventurer may intentionally touch the black fog to get plagued here, to transfer it to Volk. Normally, he will claw swipe twice. Plague can spread from an adventurer onto Volk himself if he hits them with an attack that has a. Heal the plague off, once everyone is apart. Be mindful of spacing; as the bombs alternate afflictions, getting too close to someone else's bombs may cause you or the other unit to get afflicted by the off-resistance. Additionally, clearing Expert difficulty for the first time rewards the player with sufficient amount of materials to obtain a copy or unbind of 6, Weekly bonuses from clearing the Expert difficulty also provide a small amount of. All other DPS units should try to prevent their plague rings from overlapping other units as the healer cleans it off. Don't run more than 1 Emma in the entire team. Volk will charge towards a ranged unit, usually the designated healer. Most 3DPS comps work fine, too, as long as everyone is properly equipped. If Volk hasn't broken here at this point and he has more than 50% HP remaining, the following move will appear. Sign In. We've finally arrived. If Volk's shadow appears, or Volk himself drops down from the top, you can use your distance to him as a gauge on who he'll attack first.

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