Diesel Particulate Filters – Everything You Need to Know About DPF, The Effects and Signs of Too Much Transmission Fluid, Help us to show you Unless of-course you make sure to maintain your vehicle properly. i hope this helps and good luck.let me know if you need anymore info. 2.8 v6. I have a 2003 Lincoln LS v8. thanks in advance. The majority of customer reviews stated how their car s gas mileage improved. please kindly advice me and help me with information , I am an ordinary taxi driver now , I lost my job as a safety officer due to militants action in the Nigerian swamps. When driving at 60km it shakes slightly and when it is static maybe on a stop sign, it shakes, and also consumes more fuel so i had to change the plugs but yet still the same. It sputters only in park and at red life’s while driving it’s fine. The service guy had no knowledge, not willing to search for answer. Consequently, Doing […]. My kia sportage diesel sometimes difficult to start the engine when its hot,the engine idling slow after i start it then after few seconds the idling is ok. I suggest you check out some local online stores or car shops in your area. It tried to start but just wouldn’t go through all the way. What are we looking for in a fuel injector cleaner? Does that cost a lot. Hi there. Thanks very much. At first attempt it wont start, almost sounds like the starter sticks and then it putts, and wont start, i will wait aabout 30 seconds and then it will hesitate to start, but running poorly, putting, so i turn ignition off, and the third time is the charm, like nothing most of the times. I drive an Isuzu frontier 1998 kb280 Dt Lx. When it does start, it only funs for a few minutes and is very very rough. My Nissan Sentra hesitates and vibrates the gas pedal and steering wheel when I take off from a dead stop and then stops as I continue to accelerate. When you shut off your engine; the injector will soak up the heat of the engine. Otherwise factory ECU may pull Timing & car will lose performance. From reading your article shouldn’t I go back to Kia and demand they also replace the remaining two since you state they work in tandem and as a team? I have a 2000 tahoe and it doesn’t want to start after its warmed up but if it’s pried overnight it’ll start right up. Hi I have a 2005 GMC diesel and i took my truck to the mechanic because, it lost the power and it was smoking and it was smelling bad. Took to auto parts store to run a computer check on starter….it was bad….replaced & it fired right up (?) This tool enables a car owner to listen for any problems with the fuel injectors; by placing the tip of the stethoscope on each injector. Last Thursday, dreaded red and orange dash lights came on, anti skid light / ice road condition mode light came on and engine started “stuttering ” when accelerated, looks like a 3rd injector has failed and waiting for garage diagnostics to confirm. The engine maintenance light comes on and won’t go off. Changed spark plugs, coil pack, o2 sensor and added 2 bottles of injector cleaner to a full tank of gas. http://www.wrightimport.com/. The most common symptom of a FI malfunction is a P030X code. It is also worth mentioning that vehicles that use turbocharged engines are at a risk for uncontrolled, engine damaging detonations. Consequently, the most common cause of a check engine light coming on, is a loose gas […], First of all, Engine bearing replacement is not as hard as it sounds. I only buy fuel from Shell, Exxon/Mobil and Chevron. There are numerous reasons why the car might be shaking – depending on how strongly it shakes and what other symptoms are present. products! Is it normal for injectors on a new vehicle to become clogged so soon and so often? Mine is ford fiesta classic 1.4 diesel variant. It says that we have a misfire on a cylinder. Thanks. Can you pls give me an idea on what may be the problem please . I will try the fuel cleaner anyway, but do you think if it doesn’t help then an injector may be damaged? I am from South Africa. And when I have used it with a full tank of fuel, the effects are barely noticeable. You are wasting my time! The engine would have trouble starting and would stutter a lot when driving long before it would stop starting altogether. Im guessing my problem may be dirty or bad fuel injectors. Ended up to be coolent that wasn’t green anymore and I looked in my water tank was bone dry! Still did it. Or faulty? That in turn can cause the beginning phases of clogging or leaking to go unnoticed. Since it has a turbo I’m worried what should I do next, Hello I have such a problem. In order to provide the right amount of fuel; the engine control unit is equipped with a whole lot of sensors. An abrupt loss of engine power is a somewhat obvious sign of a fuel injector failure. This can happen due to an overly lean condition caused by the dirty injector. And despite the issues dirty injectors can cause, early symptoms aren’t always noticeable because modern engines have internal sensors and computers that can adjust the fuel mixture to compensate for minor errors. I am noticing my truck being a little sluggish. In general, fuel injectors are hard wearing and with a little care can often last the life of the engine. If you suspect that might be the case with your vehicle, read on to get the symptoms of damaged fuel injectors and much more. have a look at your spark plugs,take note of the condition of the plugs-do they have liquid on them,is it oil or gas.improper gaped spark plugs can cause simualar problems. The importance of cleaning clogged fuel injectors cannot be overstated. With a bit of a rev the pattern goes: Ticking injector at idle, give it a little gas and ticking increases tempo until about 2,300 rpm when the ticking goes quiet and I assume this is when the injector is working at full open or something like that. Ive been looking for what could cause this and started to look into the injectors. If the fuel injector is clogged, the fuel supply will be irregular too. And while getting your injectors cleaned by a professional isn’t overly expensive (ranging from $50-100), having them changed because of irreparable damage can cost A LOT more. Is it my injectors? Any ideas would be very welcome. The engine light is a general warning system, it unfortunately does not specify the type of issue the vehicle has. If I release the gas pedal it dies. Start the vehicle ask some to hold the accelerator pedal,the Spray the open map very well,your car would bounce back. Fuel injectors are almost never the cause of a failure to start. This morning it wouldn’t start at all . As for availability in South Africa – I’m afraid I don’t have much knowledge about that. Engine won’t start all I keep on cranking and no sign to start . Can you please suggest me? I have Nissan Quashqai and have replace 2 injectors in past 12 months and very expensive to do so in Ireland . He told me that the injectors were bad and needed to be all replaced. I’ve put a brand new alternator starter battery and fuel pump on it and it still ain’t getting gas, hey david,im pearllea just a little info,your altenator doesnt exactly keep fiuel from flowing unless vehicle wont start.

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