My astrology, tarot, and Enneagram consulting service will lead you on the path to learning more about the life you are living and yourself.” ~Ms. I want everything to align – yes even the stars – when I create a program that will serve and empower women. I can only say that Theresa’s forecast for 2011 was so entirely spot on- that as things she mentioned occurred, I would find myself buckling down or anticipating the next events she predicted. Not only are her... If you’ve never experienced … Theresa is always helpful, insightful, and full of positive energy. Each time I was warmly greeted and made to feel very comfortable in her surroundings. After a reading with Theresa, I come away with greater clarity about where I’m at in my life’s journey, or insight into a problem or circumstance that is troubling me. A place for my tape recorder was provided (I find it. and the insights she offers on everything (from business to real estate, finances to relationships) could only come from a practitioner of her caliber. I’ve been seeing Theresa for readings for over 8 years. I couldn't recommend her more!! There is no way she could’ve known these things unless she was truly gifted. I find her readings are an excellent guide for me over the course of the year. Making the investment to get some extra juicy guidance is worth every cent, especially when you an email her and get a response in 24hrs or less.” ~ Hillary Rubin, Spiritual Life + Career Coach, Creator of The Art of Becoming a Coach Program, “I was intrigued with the idea that randomly selected cards could provide guidance for real life situations. Even after moving to Omaha, and now Minneapolis, I will forever continue to visit once a summer, just to see my Lovely Theresa. So my queries have been quite specific. i encourage you to connect with her if you are in need of knowledge and support! You have put my soul at ease for a while. Ms. Miriam Slozberg offers many services designed to help you understand your life, what your life’s missions are, and understand who you are. Theresa is truly a gifted Spiritual Advisor. She can look at a situation and see the truth about it, and even if it’s not what I want to hear, she manages to present it in a positive way! Theresa is the first person to admit that nobody can truly predict what will happen in your life, We are the only ones that can control our fate. I have finally found my go-to-tarot-reader for all circumstances and issues.” – Christel Van Gelder:: Life Coach. She is a gifted guide, and has become a dear friend. No esoteric blahblahblah. You won’t regret it. I am grateful to have found such a well-rounded reader!” ~ Kayla T. I love going in to see Theresa for tarot readings! I didn’t really know that much about tarot and wasn’t at a very spiritual time in my life when I was introduced to Theresa. I consider Theresa and her readings to be a gift of spiritual guidance, and throughout the 6 years I have used her services, that opinion only expands in magnitude.” ~ Sara Yelich-Koth. I followed and befriended her on Twitter, and listened to live broadcasts of her gifted knowledge. Theresa is very honest, helpful, and  straight forward when she works with clients and I appreciate that especially in this line of work. Straight talking to the max! Theresa’s the real deal. I see Theresa about every 9-12 months and I have to say that every reading with her has been wonderful. During one reading, she predicted that I would need house repairs and be tempted to do it on my own, but that I shouldn’t because there would be major problems with my “DIY” work! “I’ve found my readings with Theresa to be exceptionally motivating, as well as clarifying.

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