MI. Property records, mortgage records and title deeds, Calhoun County, Michigan vital records, birth records, death records and certificates, Marriage and divorce records, licenses and applications, Business & professional licenses, permits, and registrations, Election records, voter registration and poll locations. All information relating to sex offenders resident in Calhoun county can be obtained from the Alabama State Sex Offender Registry. 117 South Main Street Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey, 2017 ACS 5-Year Estimates. The Alabama Center for Health Statistics is primarily responsible for operating the state's vital records system and disseminating these records to interested and eligible persons. Battle Creek, There is 1 Clerk Office per 26,865 people, and 1 Clerk Office per 141 square miles. Box 2168,Anniston, AL 36202Phone: (256) 231-7614, Hobson City Municipal Court Contact Information. 174 13th St,P.O. All birth and death record requests are processed by the State Vital Records Office. The primary responsibilities center around two basic functions: To act as clerk (fiscal officer) of the county … All Rights Reserved. This will require vital details of the records as the requesting party must furnish the search tools with parameters required to facilitate record search. The requesting party will be required to provide information regarding the divorce, including -- the names of the spouse, the case file number of the record and the date the petition was filed. The Circuit Civil Division handles civil actions in which the damages being sought or the matter in controversy is $15,000.00 and above. At the county level, divorce records may be obtained from the Calhoun Circuit Court Clerk and marriage records from the office of the County Probate Office. However, requests for other records may only be made to the state office. The Court Clerk of the 7th Judicial Circuit Court of Alabama is charged with maintaining and disseminating records of court cases heard in Calhoun county. 115 Uldriks Drive South 25 W 11th St,Anniston, AL 36201Phone: (256) 231-1750, Calhoun County District Court No more than 4 immediate family members can visit per session. Some types of cases that are filed in the Circuit Civil Division are Negligence, Professional or Medical Malpractice, Contract and Indebtedness Disputes, Actions relating to Real Property, Mortgage Foreclosures, Eminent Domain Suits, Declaratory Judgments, Injunctions, Interpleader, Replevins, Writs of Certiorari, Hapeas Corpus Proceedings, and all other civil actions that do not fall within the jurisdiction of the County Court. Suggest Listing Record requests attract a fee of $5, as well as $5 for certification by the court clerk. All information regarding detainees of the Calhoun county jail can be viewed using the Inmate Roster. The Clerk's office provides public access to records in accordance with local government regulations and laws. Listed below are the addresses and contact information of all the courthouses in Calhoun County, Alabama: Calhoun County Circuit Court

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