Many people just use parchment to load their pizza, rather than risk messing it up trying to slide it off the peel, onto the stone. They are miserable people who want you to be miserable with them either through failure or guilt of not performing up to THEIR standards and expectations. Shop with me online anytime 24/7 at  to see all the Shows you're invited to or hosting! We shouldn't blindly accept all the stuff 'they' want to sell us for profit with no regard for the long term consequences. And, as others have pointed out, there are times when it's difficult to get by without it! Line the sheet with parchment paper to help prevent this from occurring. This won’t affect the performance of the sheet. Love the stuff. No adjustment to the cooking time or temperature compared to using metal fluted tube pans is needed, and you can use this stoneware pan to bake a cake in the microwave. .tpcsocial .yt{background:url("") no-repeat center center;} Come hang with us. You can use metal utensils with this sheet, but scratching will occur. Using Small Spreader, spread masa dough evenly into a 3-inch square in the middle of each sheet of Parchment Paper.Spread 1 heaping tablespoon of filling in a lengthwise strip down center of masa. BALONEY! There is also a small brown scraper in your box for cleaning. The word "probably" made me laugh out loud. Bread needs a large and continuous input of heat during the early stages of baking, when it is expanding most rapidly. I do my symphony brownies in my foil covered square baker all the time ~ as soon as it comes out, I lift it out onto the rack to cool (makes cutting them so much easier. Pampered Chef Newsroom. Problem is, the dough will absorb the heat more quickly than the heat source in your average oven can supply it. Refer to sales receipt for details. The real benefit of a baking stone is its thermal mass - materials like brick, stone and iron have high thermal mass, which means they absorb and store heat. Don’t use this sheet on glass or ceramic cooktops, electric coil, gas burner range, induction (magnetic) range, or an outdoor grill. The Silpain is oven proof to 500F but I'm unsure of its reaction to the direct heat contact with the stone. Another serious (to me anyway) shortcoming is that you cannot cut the stuff to size - it's no longer foodsafe if you do, and might not be ovensafe anymore either. No problems. The paper normally comes out so roasted, that it crumbles if scrunched up. The Pampered Chef version of the Bundt pan is made from stoneware. Run a flexible spatula around the outer and inner edges of the cake and turn the fluted pan upside down to release the cake. They both work much better than AP flour for me when I use bread baskets to shape loaves. Three-year guarantee for noncommercial use. Bundt pans, also called fluted tube pans, create the shape for the eponymous cake. I forgot once to remove the paper and baked all the way to the end with the parchment paper, and the bread still was fine. Lucky you this month Stoneware is on sale for Hosts (60%off) & Guests (20% off - no you don't have to be a guest at a party, this is also good for individual orders).

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