“Let me guess: you killed a sailor, took his place, learned what you needed to about how to get Manon off this ship and our patrols, and … what? the jagged cliffs, the rolling waves in the distance, but mostly looking at will always be nearby. Crown Prince of Adarlan -> BADASS KING WITH MAGIC!!! And as Fenrys leaped for Manon with a snarl, it was Rowan’s power that sent him slamming through the room. fists, and looks back. But push comes to shove, Fenris would still move to protect Dorian and Dorian would kill someone rushing Fenris. For once, she looked like just a young woman, free of responsibilities and burdens and wars. Fenrys bears twin scars from his brow to his jaw after battling Maeve in Kingdom of Ash. "Aelin, you don't need to be sorry. Fenrys is not seen again after this until Empire of Storms. Just a random collection of mini fics/headcanons for my favourite ships from bnha and dragon age. I hope you like it, so please review letting me know what you think and feel free to request scenes of your own! She smiled slightly and moved over to the steps that led up to the quarterdeck. And she doubted the witch would be forthcoming—especially when Aelin had lost her temper just a little bit this morning. She hated that the witch was here, on the ship. Connall and Fenrys' father was often away at war. “You’ve met him before. No doubt stunned by the beauty, the grace, the blah-blah-blah perfectness of her. carefully behind them as they make their way to the Wounded Coast. Like most Fae, Fenrys has an animal form, his is a massive white wolf. In 9:37 Dragon, Dorian escaped his father and fled to Kirkwall to stay well out of reach. While giving him a tour of the castle and its grounds, they run into Celaena and Chaol, who are on their morning run. Doranelle Unaware, just as you were unaware, that one of your own wasn’t truly with you while I—”, “Ugh, another talker,” Aelin said, flipping her braid over a shoulder. Since She lets out a small, helpless noise and it is this that prompts Fenrys to act. "When we used to rest on missions with the cadre, if we were at sea, Rowan would put a barrier around us, like a protected bubble and we would swim in the sea. The White Wolf of DoranelleAmbassador of Terrasen Seeing her mates concerned face, she relaxed and shifted forwards again, shaking her head. sight of the Inquisitor curled up on the windowsill. Let’s see if the Wing Leader would like to take a turn about the deck before dinner.”. However, after Rowan tells Gavriel about his son, both Fenrys and Gavriel agree to help Aelin and her court until they find Lorcan. Then, catching her off guard, Rowan swept up his mate in his arms and strode briskly over to the edge of the ship. dangling down. Upon arriving in the Stone Marshes of Eyllwe, Fenrys and Gavriel both warn Rowan that Maeve knows Aelin will lead her to the Wyrdkeys and will most likely strike when Aelin is at her weakest. Aelin’s voice dropped to that lethal purr. "Come on, Whitehorn. New information leads them into the heart of the Inquisition. He knew Aelin hated it too. Fae Distinct feature/s:

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