$90 91. FLX offers the Babymaker with just a one-year warranty, considerably lower than is commonplace in the cycling industry; an extra year can be added to … Advanced Disc Search, Buy And I only got one bike. These cookies do not store any personal information. David Feldberg collaborated with the Latitude 64 disc designer, Tomas Ekström, to craft this design. When I got there a few weeks later to drop off the bike, I got a whole different story from the repair tech who told me it would be at least 3+ weeks. The torque-rich engine helps the Gladiator fit in more easily with traffic, and improved handling further helps matters. At the top of the range is the luxurious Gladiator High Altitude, demanding $55,500 for the EcoDiesel variant plus destination and options. Bought a trail model FLX. Everything check out good. Had some problems with the bofeili motor noise but the FLX team got the problem fixed perfectly and now with the Bafang motor you get an extra 100 watts power! Ride takes about 1 hr and 10 minutes each 22 mile commute. *FLX status depends on member spend in the last year. The crank arms were mounted on the wrong sides left arm on right side and right on left side. Walked it home. As we’ve seen in previous crowdfunding successes of the cycling world, what determines the success of a project is often as much about how it’s sold rather than what it actually offers (or more to the point, how good it is). When I got home, I wrote the on-line support tech and complained about the experience. My bike was ready the next day as promised and I went and bought one of their pannier backpacks to haul my weekend gear in as well. I walked it to FLX and was thrilled to they were open. Now that it’s the highest-crowdfunded project of the year, with a campaign duration that has just been extended by another month, you can expect to see the Babymaker getting a whole lot more attention over the coming weeks. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for updates on new products and promotions. They asked me to send pictures of the motor and the immediately identified that the motor was not correctly placed causing the wires to be pulled out of the motor. UPDATE: The company finally got back to me and sent me the replacement for the defective motor. Additionally, the tour package shipment was poorly packed. Powered By: Linez Technologies, Recommended Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate. Platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have allowed brands to gauge demand and fund products, but the funding model comes with inherent risk, for brands and backers alike. For that reason alone, I'd buy elsewhere. The next day, he wrote me to tell me that he felt bad about the experience and was able to get the repair tech to run the diagnostics. Up hill the gearing is sufficiently low enough to maintain a cadence above 65. Anyone seeking those attributes won’t be disappointed, while the rest of us can take solace in every Gladiator’s fun-to-drive attitude and unique style. The bike arrived, but the tour package was 6 weeks late. Helping in the truck’s rugged mission are the Rubicon’s standard selectable front and rear lockers. My top speed (downhill) was ~35 mph; beyond that, it's too dangerous anyway. Nothing! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Leave that car home! If I’m being critical – which, to be clear, I am – I would argue that they’re not quite as gifted at bike design or naming of bike models. It worked perfectly and I love my bike. Rapha’s new Windproof Explore Pullover is for riding. I told all of my friends and family about his bike because I was so excited. Started off with loose cable connectors to the dashboard, easy fix but a trip the shop, Lucky they are local to SAn Diego. © INFINITE DISCS 2012-2018. Kinda awkward, as everyone else got a present X-Mas morning. Predictably, the marketing blurbs on the Babymaker’s Indiegogo page are a combination of generous exaggeration and bombastic nonsense. We were told when we ordered the bike it would be delivered by X-Mas. Three different colors to choose from: White Lightning, Carbon Black, and Gun Metal Gray, only…... A hardtail cross country style electric mountain bike with quiet Bafang Max Drive 350-watt mid-drive motor, adjustable top speed upwards of 35 mph position it for private property or OHV use only. I have made new friends, rekindled old friendships, increased my fitness and I have explored many amazing places. Bought two bikes in April they changed the delivery date to OCTOBER.

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