© 1997–2020 Study Languages, LLC. o Location Time Expressions with "hacer" Notes: The written lesson is below. They will then use this info to write a tweet or sentence containing an hacer time expression that would go with the hashtags. My students thought this … Lesson Learning Objectives: Students will be asked to ask and answer questions using this grammar and record their findings using expressions such as "A mi amigo le gusta...".Grammar included:Forms, Wrapping up the year and your students still do not understand the difference between preterito vs imperfecto? Or maybe you just want to review some lessons in your Spanish 2 class that still need some work? To ask how long something has been going on, follow this formula: cuánto tiempo hace que + present tense verb. -Questions Hace 20 horas que conducimos. • Explain how the verb “ESTAR” is used for: I have been studying Spanish for one year. My dog died several years ago. are to the left. Categories include: We can ask questions too. Ella salió hace una semana. Time expressions exercises. Hace dos años que ellas estudian inglés. They have been studying English for two years. o Health Another way to use the verb “hacer” to express how long something has been taking place is to use the following formula: Present tense form of the verb + desde hace + time. When we do the "have/has been ____ing" part of the sentence becomes "had been ____ing." To make the sentence negative, incorporate sin ("without") and an infinitive: Su tío lleva cinco años sin usar drogas. I had not travelled in many months. They have been studying English for two years. On this worksheet, students are given hashtags in Spanish that refer to a certain activity or amount of time. Hace tres años que trabaja aquí. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I use these at different points within the preterit unit since regular and irregular verbs are not taught at the same time. I haven't studied French in three years. We can also flip the sentence around and drop the que: It still means the same thing: Estudio hace toda la noche. Estudio español desde hace un año. ¿Cuánto tiempo hacía que esperabas? I'd been traveling for many months. Hace un año que estudio español. -Making Comparisons (tan/tanto etc) He had been working here for three years. present tense verb + desde + specific point in time, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Mi perro se murió hace unos años. Or maybe beginning the year and your Spanish 3 students do not remember any Spanish 2 lessons? It covers the basics of: -ar, -er, -ir verbs, irregular verbs (ser, Hace with Time Expressions Graphic Organizer, Spanish Graphic Organizer Notes and Practice Bundle, Hace+anos- Hacer + time Spanish Practice Sheet or Worksheet, Spanish One Two and Three Student Handouts | Cheat-Sheets for an Entire Year, Spanish One Student Handouts or Cheat-Sheets for an Entire Year, Spanish One and Two Student Handouts or Cheat-Sheets for an Entire Year Bundle, Realidades Auténtico 1 Capítulos 8A & 8B Task Cards | Spanish Review Activity, Realidades Auténtico 1 Task Cards BUNDLE | Spanish Review Activity, Spanish Regular and Irregular Sentence Writing Activity Sheet - El pretérito, Jeopardy Review - Realidades II - Chapter 1B, El Año Nuevo BUNDLE | Spanish New Year’s Resolutions Activities, Lesson 11 - Introduction to TENER & Possessive Adjectives (SPANISH BASICS), Act. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Hace un año que estudio español. We can convert any present perfect continuous sentences into the past if need be. Rel. On the last few slides I included some game play options. para Aprender a Aprender Primaria 5° -- Act to Learn to Learn Primary 5th, Realidades 2 Ch 4A Vocabulary List / Vocabulario / Capitulo 4A, Lesson 14 - I am ESTAR & the Present Progressive (SPANISH BASICS), Distance learning activities | Gustar and other verbs | Group survey, THE PRETERITO VS IMPERFECTO SPANISH 2 BUNDLE-DISTANCE LEARNING, Lesson 18 - Putting it All Together (SPANISH BASICS), LAST/FIRST WEEK OF CLASSES-SPANISH 2 REVIEW BUNDLE-DISTANCE LEARNING, Spanish 1 Grammar Study Guide and Reference (DOCX VERSION), Spanish 1 Grammar Study Guide and Reference (PDF VERSION). "Ago" is an adverb that doesn't translate directly in Spanish. www.autoenglish.org Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2008 Time Expressions Exercise A Match the expressions with their meanings (1 – … The first way uses the formula: Hace + time + que + present tense form of the verb. Technically the translation should be more like "I haven't been studying French for three years," but "haven't studied" is much simpler and means the same thing. These expressions are useful for talking about something you have been doing for a certain amount of time. Then this Spanish 2 review bundle is for yo. To make this type of expression negative, just add the word “no” before the verb, as in the following formula: Hace + time + que + no + present tense form of the verb. Making the sentence negative with a "no" will slightly alter the translation: No estudio francés hace tres años. How long had you been waiting? The words are given to, SPANISH BASICS - LESSON 14 To do this we simply take the present tense formula and convert all the verbs to the imperfect tense: hacía + period of time + que + imperfect tense verb. Standards: CommunicationL1: Demons, Subject/Level: Spanish, Level IUnit: House and HomePrior Learning: Students have been introduced household activities, areas of the home, stem-changing verbs, and the verb ‘hacer’.Learning Objectives: Students will be able to identify and conjugate yo-go verbs: hacer, poner, tener and salir. This sheet starts off with a fill-in-the-blank section for explaining how to use hacer+anos, then has a little survey. They haven’t studied English for two years. There is a guided notes section and frequently used time expressions. I've been studying since four. We have been driving since early morning. This time we are literally saying "it made [period of time] that…" And again, in spite of that long English phrase, "had been _____ing," all we need is a simple imperfect tense conjugation. Instead of "ago" you are literally saying "it makes [period of time]." o Certain weather expressions But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. I'd been traveling for many months. Hace un año que estudio español. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. We will be using the signs of arithmetic operations to frame expressions. • Conjugate the verb “ESTAR” (to be) in the present For example: Hacía tres años que trabajaba aquí. Then this bundle that you can use for 1 week is for you!With This bundle will make your s, SPANISH BASICS - LESSON 18 And again, making the sentence negative changes things slightly: Hacía muchos meses que yo no viajaba. So, when it comes to using the verb “hacer” to express the length of time an action has been taking place, there are two ways to say the same thing: Estudio español desde hace un año. You will learn to differentiate between variables and constants, and like and unlike terms. They are translated the same way: Hace unos años que mi perro se murió. Note #2: Most of the vocab used in these s, This is a 2-sided worksheet that reviews the Spanish expression "hacer+anos (you can't put a tilde in this field). I have been studying Spanish for one year. Subjunctive VIII: Actions not yet completed, 89. We are not limited to statements with hacer time expressions. We can ask questions too. Llevamos mucho tiempo sin ir a la iglesia. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Notice that we've swapped hace for hacía and the rest of the sentence uses an imperfect tense verb instead of a present tense one. ¿Cuánto tiempo hace que esperas? Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. The verb “hacer” can be used in a number of ways to indicate the length of time an action has been taking place.

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