It’s well supported with a solid following, and reliability of GY6 swaps is routinely being improved. Please provide relevant details of your results, so that one of our Techs or Engineers can figure out the next troubleshooting steps for you. Any help would be appreciated. Small engine shops aren’t familiar with the Ruckus and can end up having just as many questions as you would, but they’ll be charging you per the hour to learn the same information that you can get at no charge. We provide enthusiasts with 3 different options from the basic all the way to the full scooter transformation! Thanks. Visitors asking for advice please note: In order to quickly help troubleshoot your problem, I need confirmation from you at each step that you understand my directions and have followed them completely. How to install the BDX Honda Ruckus GY6 Swap Harness, How to bleed your brakes, without wasting hours of time, GY6 Swapping The Honda Ruckus: What To Expect From Your Swap. We’ve setup a return line on our dyno to demonstrate how much extra fuel is being pumped by a Mikuni pump paired to a GY6. Each component bolts up correctly making it a breeze to install, no cutting extra components or strange modifications. MonsterGY6 Customs, custom wheels and parts for Honda Ruckus and Icebear Maddog. It is unclear in your response. $245.00, GY6 swap fuel and vacuum line kit with fuel filter, Regular price We advise against having a local mechanic shop attempt to install your swap. 1 2 3. More... 0. DROWsports Honda Ruckus GY6 Swap Kit for 8 Inch Fatty Tire. Huh? Honda Ruckus Speed Kit. Package Two includes all of Package One and the following: Package Three - Carb & Controls & Disc Brake Upgraded GY6 Ruckus Swap. We offer a vibration resistant locking nut. Brushless electric scooter wiring diagram is just one of grown topic at this moment. I wanted to come right out and explain some of the differences and similarities between our Ruckus clones and the genuine Honda product. I am a little surprised that the GY6 150cc engine if straight swapped from a working scooter to a Ruckus would have massive over fuelling faults such that surely the standard scooter would have trouble being sold or massive reliability & warranty problems which would have driven dealerships nuts or a problem found before the engine was ever purchased for use in a Ruckus. I hope that's explained it for ya, now you know what to expect. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Getting started on the Ruckus is that simple. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. $55.00, GY6 61mm Performance big valve cylinder head, Regular price Backfiring itself is often associated more with too lean or advanced ignition timing rather than an excess of fuel. This kit includes a higher-end carburetor to help prevent carburetor gum up. The Ruckus clones feature a 12" street tire with hydraulic disc brake up front - this setup will handle better than the genuine Ruckus out on the road. Follow us on our youtube channel for our how to build a ruckus tutorial! A dab of red Loc-tite 272 works very well for larger fasteners, while blue Loc-tite is better for smaller fasteners. Gy6 Quad Wiring Diagram Copy Chinese Scooter 6 Pole For At .. 778 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet, Mc Lovin (livincrazy6) on Pinterest gy6 engine diagram xl, 5th gen wiring diagram with the bank angle sensor - Fifth Generation VFR's - VFRDiscussion. Its a little different from what the genuine Ruckus uses today, but as far as performance and reliability goes, its right there with it. (Plug gap, old plug oily, fouled/sooty; new plug is it wet or dry). im looking for a good motor swap i heard you can swap 98 2 stroke zuma motor would that be a good choice. i know that it was aimed as a sort of urban shopping bike and built for economy not speed thrills but in all the years it was manufactured you would have thought that honda thru feedback would have introduced a more speedy version. Currently, only harnesses which use the original Ruckus ECU are able to use the stock fuel pump – but the ECU is big and bulky so most harness makers opt to remove it from the system. Things like aftermarket mufflers may also repetitively loosen over time if not properly supported. Links of parts will help. In fact, they're on early-bird special thru May 1st for $1499! In this way the cost of maintenance equals out, especially if you consider all the extra power of the GY6 150cc. At its core is a rock-solid 49cc engine delivering plenty of get-up-and-go. The side stand is extremely overlooked, once the GET motor is removed the OEM center stand is gone. Honda Ruckus GY6 Basic Fatty swap kit for Ruckus 2003-2020. $1,950.00. You’ll want to watch to see if the fuel drains back to the tank when the engine is off. I am curious as to how this will all go. Quick View. If so how do I fix this matter? For the power issue and backfiring while riding. Your email address will not be published. These guys are typically in search of a 150cc swap kit which will involve the least amount of head scratching and will run smoothly right after installation. DROWsports Honda Ruckus Skinny GY6 Swap includes everything you need to get your swap running! This also includes all the electrical components like the CDI, 11 Pole Stator, 11 Pole Rectifier, Flasher Relay, Starter Relay. Brake cable length is extremely important for providing a clean look and also having it work. At its core is a rock-solid 49cc engine delivering plenty of get-up-and-go. Built by Daniel Brooks from Nineteen38 Garage and he is … This extra fuel then gets forced into the intake tract, which is then sucked into the engine. It also comes with a throttle cable for PWK style carbs. Update July 25, 2015: This a reboot of our popular article from 2013, which was downloaded 100,251 times. This could possibly be my problem as far as the fuel going in and out the carb. Installation should take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours, but may take more depending on your experience and level of mechanical skill. With the GY6, we recommend an initial oil change after the first 100 miles, with subsequent changes every 1000 miles.Recommended engine oil type is 10w40 of a reputable brand. I’m not sure if that’s a big difference or is effecting the power. Add to Cart. This kit will come with: steel GY6 … But this isn’t a reasonable solution for most swappers. They range from minor to major, and many of them actually pose advantages over the original Ruckus design. We offer two types of tires depending on the wheel size chosen. I took the carb out and there is fuel in it. The quality and material of these carburetors are much better making it easier to tune and less likely to corrode. On a more positive note however backfiring that he mentioned and the several tries to get it to turn over lend itself to a thought of ignition timing being over advanced. Electrical System Wire quality, internal wire connection methods, and fuse protection play major roles in how long your electrical system will last before popping a connection loose or frying something. 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke. Our Ruckus clones use a hydraulic disc brake up front, while the genuine Ruckus uses drum brakes front and rear. They're located in South Carolina, so shipping time is not too shabby. What you’re seeing is the extra fuel constantly exiting the float overflow tube of the carburetor and flowing back through our return line on its way to the tank. While most packaged kits are straight forward to install (to varying degrees), the truth is, there will always be some tuning and tweaking after installation to get everything working correctly. I recently get on a pics from a fatty rockus … I totally fall in love … And I wonder … after percuating a ruckus (zoomer in greece ) Can I fit Sh300 engine ? This transforms your Ruckus into the completely slammed disc brake style build. Need an answer asap thank you. Quick View. We sell these scooters with confidence along with our tried and true warranty, and a free tune-up at 300 miles. Joey, did you perform the test I outlined for you? This includes everything from a complete Plug and Play wire harness to a sleek black wheel and tire. $149.00, GY6 performance CVT transmission kit 125cc-170cc, Regular price The Rear Shock is specifically designed to work with this swapped GY6 Ruckus builds. (For help refer to our videos) This kit will come with everything (excluding the exhaust system) to convert your Honda ruckus to a GY6 150cc. $15.99, Regular price We've put this together to make it easier and more affordable to get those bigger CC's. Some cosmetic dissimilarities are that the clone tends to use chrome on a lot of accessories/peripherals (handlebars, controls, gauges), instead of black on the Ruckus. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I am also surprised that if a excess of fuel pressure is a problem a simple adjustable pressure regulator could not be fitted in the system as a suitable fix. This is a matter of preference, honestly I love the color black, but chrome is a close second. I don’t have that kind of money and i just want to do a 150cc gy6 swap that is efficient and is not expensive, Hello I’m in the process of a Honda ruckus+ a gy6 Chinese 150cc VIP=chucks If you’re able to fabricate a return line to your fuel tank, this works well and solves the over-fueling issues. These things I have said for Joey’s benefit, I have no doubt Buggy Depot knows all this and a whole lot more. i see just the normal gy6 150cc engines on ebay for around $200-$300, but then i see engine swap kits going for $2000!! Quick View. How can I over come this? We opt for the Mikuni as their products are durable and well trusted. $10.00, PERFORMANCE CDI BOX GY6/QMB139 49cc 50cc 125cc 150cc 232cc, Regular price Don't underestimate the short axle! Like most others, we use a long case GY6 150cc engine as the base of the building block. Apparel & More (13) Chemicals and Batteries (12) Garage Sale (3) Gift Certificates (3) Grips and Pegs (13) Grom Parts (110) Gy6 150cc (193) Accessories (41) Engine Performance (87) Which fuel pump would I use and would I use the ecu or bypass it? I bought a new motor for my lance 150. It utilizes the mount point in the new motor mount to set the proper rake. The Schematics Finishing an electrical engineering degree together with then obtaining a task in the region suggests you will surely observe a wonderful deal a …, Hi, Ive got a 2000 model 5th gen Australian VFR800 all of the wiring diagrams i have been able to find dont show the bank angle sensor on them :/ Has anyone come across this problem before?

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