You graduated with distinction in London with your first masters degree in International Business. Mark my words. You’ve made me the proudest girlfriend ever. My heart fills with pride seeing you so emotionally strong and independent. I will tell you it makes me happy seeing you be proud of yourself. I am so proud of you. Because, feck, you came out of nowhere and took over my life, and it takes a lot to manage that, because I’m inherently both lazy and hidebound: I like my little ways and I like my stuff just the way I like it. You have all rights to be proud of yourself. Got a suggestion for us? I am that lucky person who gets to learn so much from you. I know the past few months were so hard for you but finally, you achieved what you wanted. I am so proud of you sister. You Are Amazing People Remember, you're the one driving so you won't get left behind if you decide to pull over every once in a while, daddy's girl than you ever have been before. It may be damped down a little in adolescence, when you strive for acceptance among your peers by trying to fit in or by keeping quiet when something inside you would rather sing and dance. You will continue to follow your dreams and live passionately while boldly exploring uncharted territory. Son, I am so proud of you. You have come a long way and will go further. You are a gem. This is the version of you that was living in South London during the coronavirus pandemic taking your last marketing class through Zoom. To recap where you were mentally, you decided to pack up your life, move halfway across the world and launch a startup in London while going to grad school full time at Hult. It makes me excited how much you've grown (we've grown). It is a privilege knowing you in this life. I am lucky to have you in my life and cannot say how much proud I am of you and your success buttercups. Just keep chasing your dreams, baby! I do know one thing for sure though. Whenever they achieve something, we genuinely feel happy for them. You will always be my companion of joy and sorrow. I wanted to share our success story. Website Design © JamJo. One of the happiest and proudest moments of life is when you find the courage to let go of what you cannot change. No matter what you do you will always make me proud. You worked so hard and left no stone unturned to make your dreams come true. But bring it back as you emerge from your chrysalis, shedding one skin after another as we do in our teens, trying on one persona and then the next, like so many pairs of jeans, until we are finally left with ourselves, whether we like it or not – and then we have to learn to love who we are, or be miserable ever after. It’s okay to fail sometimes. You listen even when I think you don’t, you take on board information I have trouble processing myself, you know what you should be doing even if – even as – you make an informed decision not to abide by it. He encouraged us to write it down and postmark it to ourselves. does not matter if our paths get separated in the coming time. I am really proud of you. That's a bit crazy (but knowing you- who knows!) To give you some perspective, in March 2019, you were working at a startup in Dallas, Texas, building two online courses around scholarships and higher education, applying for scholarships for grad school while running your business as a Higher Education Consultant. If not at the Founder Institute, maybe at Y Combinator or Techstars or another accelerator in San Francisco. You stand up for yourselves, you demand attention; you shout, dammit. You are the best sister one can have. Stop worrying about our expectations and do what your heart wants. You have your goals and you are working so hard for it. I may fail to express sometimes but I am really proud of you. Whoever you are, whatever you do, already and in the future, I am proud of you. Believe in yourself and go ahead. I love you. My ears.). Let them know you are sincerely proud of them. Wherever you are, your parents are always thinking about you. I was tempted to write our success story for the next three years but as you've proven time and time again your whole world shifts so often, it's futile to make any hard judgments that far out. By the time you read this, I (the person who is writing this right now) could have shed off you like an exoskeleton. I hope you understand how proud I am of you, beautiful. To my beloved daughter, I hope you know how beautiful of a person you are inside-out. Nothing can make them feel happier than a proud of you message of yours. Oh, I know how much this means to you. Be proud of who you are, don’t be upset over the fact that some people will always judge you no matter what. Just believe in yourself and remember we believe in you. In March 2020, you're in a new country and a completely different industry. You really worked hard and you’ve got the result you wanted. I have not got any chance to tell you earlier but today I want to say it. You have always helped me. You may also like Time Flies when You Become Parents. You always make me proud of your hard work. Want to list an event? You can also follow Maud on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you, son! Thank you for being my reason to brag all the time. I pivot so fast, I give myself whiplash. My beautiful daughter, we are always proud of you. The way you challenged yourself and achieved the things you wanted; it became an inspiration to me. Letting someone know you are proud of them encourages them to keep up the good work. You're in San Francisco right now getting your second masters.

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