1-844-MEOWTEL This is the equivalent of feeding a child cookies for lunch. It’s not uncommon to gravitate toward well-known commercial brands we grew up with; however, many of those brands contain potentially unhealthy and harmful ingredients. Without as many carbohydrates present, cats who eat wet food are also less likely to have digestion problems and food allergies. If you’re unsure how much CBD you should give your cat or how often, check out our CBD dosing chart. What Should You Do if Your Cat Ate an Unsafe Substance? It’s needed to help cats avoid retinal degeneration and heart diseases. It might be because of the food you’re feeding your cat. However, owners may need to start being a bit more selective when it comes to the food they bring home to their feline companions. Required fields are marked *. I know this may sound startling, but there’s some alarming information about the meat that goes into these “meat & bone meal” ingredients at the rendering plants. It is not an appropriate ingredient for felines. Us, Email: Carrageenan is a red-colored seaweed sometimes used as a thickening agent in pet food. Retrieved from https://www.petmd.com/blogs/thedailyvet/patrick-mahaney/2016/february/processed-food-vs-whole-food-pet-cancer-patients, Parker, Emily. This is usually a marketing gimmick used by cheaper food brands to appeal to people more than their cats. Hydrangea Root For Kidney Stones and Bone Spurs, Medications Linked to Kidney Failure in Dogs, SAMe: An Aid to Managing Liver Disease in Dogs and Cats >, Treating Leaky Bladder in Dogs with Choline Supplementation, Pancreatitis In Dogs - The Natural Approach, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (Maldigestion Disorder) in Dogs. ASPCA, 2020, Common Feline Toxic Exposures And Their Treatment. This is often not needed in a cat’s diet and instead leads to health problems if cats eat enough of it over time. Upon entering a cat’s body, sodium nitrate may become a carcinogen (, Allegedly used as a rancid meat preservative, and used “to help moist foods to retain moisture so that they appear fresher for longer” (. This is a There are a lot of important nutrients cats require to stay healthy and a lot of ingredients to avoid if you want your cat to remain active and a healthy weight. It gives us convenient and affordable options for giving our cats the best life we can give them. It’s also a dental additive, used to reduce calcium build-up. Emily Parker, a content manager at Catological.com states: …[Red seaweed is a] controversial ingredient because one of its forms is a potential carcinogen, called degraded carrageenan. Knowing and understanding the laws around pet food origins can be very helpful in keeping your cat’s diet healthy. Cellulose is typically indicative of a lower quality cat food. Research as much as you can to find the best diet for Fluffy and Peanut. This is especially the case if your cat is eating BHA every day. Dextrose aint no sweetener, it is the most basic of the sugars. Generic use of “meat” and “protein”– Avoid generic terms of “meat” and “protein” as that can encompass all meats rather than a singular, identifiable meat. While dry food can be stored for some time if properly sealed, leftover wet food is sometimes turned down by cats for being too cold or dried up. Cellulose is typically indicative of a lower quality cat food. Apply a few drops of Holistapet’s full-spectrum CBD oil right onto your cat’s food for quick absorption and fast results.

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