Aiming to restructure WBUR with a focus on expanding its audience, while simultaneously facing budget cuts from the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, station CEO Margaret Low announced layoffs on Wednesday, as well as a roadmap for reaching new listeners and readers. She outlines what she calls four pillars of her restructuring plan. Scholarly What is the name of the publication in which your article was printed? WBUR has been a credible digital innovator. Organizational changes of this magnitude are hard. The author’s credentials and expertise. Now that you now what to look for in a credible source, let's talk about what are considered credible sources. WBUR will also stop production of the Sports show Only A Game at the end of September and the podcast Kind World in July. So that they can’t imagine a day without WBUR and believe that we’re worthy of their support.”, WBUR Announces Layoffs, Restructuring, Plans for Growth, Doug Most Low says the most important challenge for WBUR is to expand and broaden its audience, and the way to do that is not to assume the audience will simply find the station’s stories, but to bring the storytelling to them—whether it’s on Instagram, through a podcast, with an email newsletter, on their car radio, on an Amazon Alexa device, or with a live or virtual event staged at the station’s CitySpace venue on Commonwealth Avenue. Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness — we must ensure that WBUR is a disciplined and well-run operation that supports and empowers people, holds them accountable and reflects our values at every turn. So that they can’t imagine a day without WBUR. That combination of declining revenue, something that disrupted the entire media landscape, plus a desire to restructure existing newsroom resources led to Low’s decision to lay off 29 part-time and full-time people, including a number of WBUR senior executives. A source is more credible if written by someone with a degree or other credentials in the subject of interest. But as listening habits and media consumption patterns continue to shift, we have to confront how we reach new audiences and become even more relevant in people’s lives. It sounds like you need some balanced programming in your life anyway. While I’m confident that WBUR has a bright future, this is a hard moment — because longtime coworkers and friends will be departing. In normal times, 50 percent of WBUR’s audience listens to the station’s programs in their cars—since March, 70 percent of listeners are doing it at home. Lance Venta is the Owner and Publisher of and a consultant for RadioBB Networks specializing in integration of radio and the internet. Over the last 10 years, WBUR has evolved from a decent and trustworthy station with unbiased coverage to one that is full of leftist propaganda. And the fourth, which she says she will tackle with the staff in the coming months, will be to define “the road ahead.” That road includes where the station is going and how it will get there, as well as a “fierce commitment to diversity.”. Low took over leadership of WBUR almost a year after station journalists voted to create a union and after a tumultuous period that ultimately led to the departure of Charles Kravetz as CEO in June 2019. After yesterday’s big cuts at Minnesota Public Radio and WBEZ Chicago, Boston University Public News/Talk 90.9 WBUR-FM Boston has announced it will be laying off 29 employees. “WBUR has been a credible digital innovator,” Low told her staff. The New York Times will take over the wildly successful Modern Love podcast at the end of the month, and Kind World, which blossomed from a digital experiment back in 2012 into an award winning Morning Edition feature and podcast, will end its run in July. Reporting the truth. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m committed to leading the way and not letting up. It requires change in every aspect of our culture, our coverage, our hiring and our leadership development. In addition, we will stop production of Only A Game at the end of September. (Fogg, 2003). I have important news to share about a significant reorganization and some of the difficult choices I’ve had to make because of the economic fallout of the past several months. Yes, because he is an assistant professor at a university. Many people recommend first glancing at Wikipedia, to gain a broad knowledge on the subject, but then finding another other credible sources to use in your research. And even though live events are not possible now with social distancing requirements, that will end one day, and when it does, WBUR must be ready. All in-person library services have been moved to alternate delivery and the physical library facility is now closed. Next, we will begin to lay out our strategy and chart our path forward. We play a vital role in Boston and beyond. Credibility can be demonstrated in a number of different ways. But as listening habits and media consumption patterns continue to shift, we have to confront how we reach new audiences and become even more relevant in people’s lives. It also seems ironic that you claim to have a “fierce commitment to diversity” while laying off Meghna Chakrabarti and others and name two white people as CEO and assistant Vice President. All rights reserved. 20.   Lance has two decades of experience tracking the audio industry and its use of digital platforms. Credible sources are trustworthy, meaning you know that what you are reading is true. Beyond the layoffs, we will reduce expenses across the board. Low states there will be no wage increases for FY21, except for negotiated union salary adjustments, and there will be no contributions to retirement funds. These things include the source's authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage. The journal or publisher’s editorial process, including the process of peer-review. No But beyond this restructuring, there is much more work to be done to forge our long term strategic future. My decisions rest on four pillars — three that I’m addressing immediately with this reorganization and a fourth that I will enlist all of you in tackling in the days and months ahead: Editorial Excellence — we must strive to be the most trusted and beloved source of local news in Boston and beyond, distinguished in a competitive media landscape by the quality and ambition of our journalism and our programming. At a time when kindness and love seem to be at a premium, it speaks volumes that you have chosen to cancel Modern Love and Kind World.

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