I could get a month’s worth of groceries in there. Good question. There are six airbags, with full-length curtain airbags that cover the third row. An aerial was ordered and in meantime i went back to gampstead vardens (smaller dealership and i think better service). Our MUX LST came with the Tour Mate pack. We purchased this car to tow a caravan and whilst we are yet to use it for towing, we are confident that it will do the job and we will easily be able to pack everything we need into the car for a family trip away. I understand why Isuzu sells so many but it’s overdue for an update with more modern cabin design, safety and infotainment inclusions. Havent towed yet but am confident it will do a great job. Uh-oh. The MU-X is ideal for an outgoing family.Source:Supplied. Ground clearance is good, and the rear end has a nice amount of travel to keep traction in control. It works well enough, but is perhaps a little overly cautious with safe merging space, and it throws up the odd false negative. The blind-spot monitoring works with a yellow warning light embedded in the A-pillar. With all 7 seats up I can still fit my bugaboo bee stroller in the boot, the features and technology is great and the leather seats and red LED door lights are very stylish. Complete your checkout in seconds. We've only had it for 2 weeks and are yet to tow anything but we are happy with the car. I nicked a cable to check: you can run the main infotainment unit up front like a display. Iain: Isuzu can’t factor for clumsiness, honey. There’s blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert and front parking sensors. Keys are so sensitive that if you lock your car you have to carry them till you are out of range otherwise it will unlock your car just by putting them in your pocket. Iain: One way of looking at it. The range of after-market accessories for the MU-X is very impressive. Pay Later. Within the first few weeks I noticed things going wrong. ISOFIX is a welcome feature for this family wagon, and something that’s neglected on the closely related, What’s that HDMI port for up front then? The fourth best-selling unit amongst this set is the somewhat humble Isuzu MU-X, which we are driving today. It fits 7 people comfortably. As we needed something more appropriate to tow our camper trailer. Thanks! Jules: Radar cruise control’s becoming more commonplace too. However our dealer - Luke at Pakenham Isuzu - was very helpful in arranging seat warmers to be expertly installed as well as a bullbar, winch, 2 inch lift, after-market alloys with LT All Terrain tyres, snorkel, towbar, long-range fuel tank and brake controller. I love this car. Suits the red paint too. If you’ll properly use the 4WD kit the MU-X is a brilliant all-rounder I’d be happy to use on the school run then outback weekend adventures. The purchase itself was made easy when Wayne Phills Auto gave me a good change over price trading the Subaru in and the salesman Mark was straight forward with no sales nonsense. Now 4 months down the track I still love driving it, the engine is a bit gruff, but characterful, reasonably economical and it is surprisingly quiet onc... e cruising, even with AT tires I had fitted. Sometimes pulls a caravan when needed for holidays.Very comfortable on the open road and economical averaging 9 litres per 100km and 12 when towing.Replaced my isuzu ute based on its own reliabilty over 320,000 kms with this MUX and very happy i did. The sound system is excellent for listening to music or podcasts through bluetooth. The MU-X shares its underpinnings with the D-Max ute.Source:Supplied. Trundle-flip the second row forward and you’ve got nice access to a pretty cramped third row. The Pajero Sport Exceed packs plenty more punch in the cabin and tech side, and the. * km left until i have to fuel upchanges dramaticallye.g 1 minute i might have 500km leftit changes to 600 then 300km*usb mp3 music going blank and screeching after half hr* car pulling to right* cruise control -car is changing back gears and revving dangerous. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. The cabin design is showing its age but it’s simply laid out, seats are comfy and there are soft points where it matters for your arms to rest on. I tow a Majestic Knight SLE (20'6") packed up to almost 3.0 ton with very little effort. I’ve tested these through deserts, rocky mountains and muddy trails. Purchased in October 2019 at Wayne Phillis Automotive for A$41,000.00. Like the suspension, like the steering quality , fuel economy has been great.

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