Class management really differs per teacher. Outschool itself is free to sign up. Teachers seemed to manage the ranges of ages and, since most kids are sitting at a computer with their parents only a few feet away, there wasn't any real threat of misbehaving. Then, halfway through the second class he ran out of the room with the most epic sugar high. Outschool is, obviously, not the only online course provider out there. As of writing, you can pay for Outschool with your credit card or debit card. My son's first class was a show-and-tell of live reptiles conducted by an impossibly patient education outreach instructor at The Amphibian Foundation and since then he has taken a Spanish course, a math course, and courses on ancient marine life and and weather systems—all perfectly geared toward his age group. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 6,000+ unique classes span all subjects and reflect the diversity of the teachers. Be sure to give us detailed information about your teaching experience, your expertise in the topics you would like to teach, and what you will bring to the platform! There was a lot of sharing and participation. There are two kinds of learning schedules that are currently available in Outschool: These are taught through Zoom and use an internal messenger system, email and internal forums to communicate, give/receive feedback, discuss material and receive assignments and homework. Outschool does not require formal teaching credentials. Even though online classes are no replacement for the in-person interaction he gets in his loving school community, we immediately saw the benefit of maintaining a routine of accountability. We also like that the teachers are listed on each class with a short bio so you can assess their background easily and decide if the class is right for you. These classes take place in smaller learning groups and are run by people who are screened for their familiarity with the material and credentials. I noticed that Miss Hope's classes are a bit more expensive than others and now I see why: She is a pro! The teacher covers pretty basic concepts, so I was skeptical at first, but she's so good about calling on each kid and calling on them a lot. For some reason, I can never get my son to stay on track when we try to do science projects. Overall, we think Outschool does an excellent job making sure that its classrooms are as safe as possible for kids. This was our first Outschool class and the one that convinced us it was for us. I created a color-coded schedule. Instructors are background checked to ensure safety, Outschool has stricter guidelines on more sensitive issues and tries to keep teaching as neutral and objective as possible, Outschool has a wide variety of topics and subjects, both academic and general interest, Accepts some charter funds (except for ongoing classes), Some classes offered may not translate well to online learning, Complicated (although generous) refund policy options. For younger kids we liked the interactive science classes, but for older kids you can find anything from AP physics to Minecraft to piano. For the most part, classes seemed to cap at 12. Whether you want your kids to learn advanced math and science, or if you simply want your kids to learn a new hobby, there are tons of online courses that promise to enrich your kids learning from the comfort of home. The learning group ranged from pre-K to 1st grade and the teacher has set up an age-appropriate learning curve. That said, Outschool does have strict guidelines to try and steer classes away from “hot button” topics to ensure people are as comfortable as possible and to prevent conflict. If you're home working and can't spare your computer for your child's learning, a tablet can save the day. You only pay for the classes you want, as many as that might be. “With its wide variety of secure and affordable online courses covering both academic and life skills classes, we think that Outschool is an attractive option for enriching your child’s education. While I love the discussions I have with my son, I'm not the only person he wants to talk to day-in and day-out and, since I have to keep working during this shut down, having these extra people to share his wildly imaginative ideas with is invaluable. For adults, there’s Masterclass and Udemy. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Class sizes in Outschool are smaller compared to most live MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) courses, which can have thousands of students logging in at one time. The teacher is high energy and makes for a fun and interactive class that engages students from the get go. We also have a Facebook group for prospective teachers. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The Best Monthly Children’s Book Subscription Boxes 2020, The Best Online Coding for Kids Courses 2020, The Best Self-Paced SSAT Prep Courses 2020, High speed internet (Zoom capable -3 Mbps), Turn off, or add as exception. After all there are limitations to what can be effectively learned on zoom and other online classrooms (not just limited to Outschool, obviously. Prices are ultimately set by the instructor and can be a small, one time fee or a larger fee for multi-week/subscription courses. But is this type of small, online class really worth it? Honestly, I didn't know school could be so fun. On day two I realized that I am NOT cut out for homeschooling and needed to consider alternatives like Outschool, a hub of live online classes for grades K-12. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. There is a standard policy that applies to all purchases, which can be restricted by the teacher depending on the class. Most of the class was spent going off on a series of scavenger hunts around the house, returning with something they can share with their classmates. Twelve did seem manageable and even in the most unruly situations every kid seemed to be able to have a turn to talk and be a part of the class discussions. How does Outschool stack up against other online learning courses? Other online class providers usually offer classes to kids as a product extension, meaning their main focus is on adult learning. Reviews, Create class listings and schedule sections. When we signed up for our first Outschool class, we figured we'd bounce between a few different online learning options. At the top of the page is a search bar that lets you throw out topic ideas/teacher names and yields results that you can filter by: What we really liked and found unusual (in a good way!) In the end, the tech behind the live meetings is Zoom, which may be of concern to some parents. Our son is in kindergarten, so while keeping up with academics was, of course, important, he really needed to keep working on hand-raising, turn taking, listening skills, and patience in the classroom. For one thing, adults can’t sign up for classes or participate in them…at all. Anyone can teach in Outschool, so it's important to read the teacher biographies, pay attention to their credentials, and look at their reviews. Outschool does not require formal teaching credentials. This class is a very basic, introductory Spanish class for young learners. Outschool teachers may be certified teachers, artists, scientists, or other adults with an expertise or interest to share.” The classes: Outschool teachers determine their class offerings.

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