Wednesday, April 1 ... "Peerless Scholar": a massive trivia quiz system, coming soon. Which of the following is Zeus’ elder brother in Geek Mythology? Which commander was known as the Celtic Rose? Which of the following is the world's largest island? Which of the following resources cannot be found in your jeans? what is the name for the phenomenon by which organisms that are better adapted to the environment survive to pass traits to their offspring? In the Commander View page , what buff do commanders acting as a "Supply Captain" get? China's Temple of Heaven was built during the reign of which emperor? July 20, 2020, 10:48 am When was the Declaration of Independence written? Which of the following is a fossil fuel formed from marine organisms that is often found in folded or tilted layers and used for heating and cooking? _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); Ultimate Talent Tree Guide For All Commanders (Updated) Load More . Genetic Variation needed for a population to evolve. Top contributors: coolwind, SkyBelow, LilithFaerie, etherealism, WorldzApart, John John, Harun Arslan, Ahmad, Kenneth Gososo, Wilson Angga, and other governors in the comment section! Who is considered the "Father of Modern Olympic Games"? This event is known as “Peerless Scholar”, and consists of three phases — the Preliminary exam, the Midterm exam, and the Final Exam. Midterm consists of 15 Multiple Choice questions. You can comment on the page with Disqus or Facebook. Who funded Christopher Colombus's travels? Kunci Jawaban Peerless Scholar Lyceum of Wisdom – ROK – Part 3, Peerless Scholar – Lyceum of Wisdom Dibuka Kembali – ROK – Part 2, Rise of Kingdom – ROK – Lyceum of Wisdom – Part 1, Peerless Scholar – Lyceum of Wisdom Dibuka Kembali – Part 1, Yuk, Intip Commander Terbaik di Tiap Civilizationnya – Rise of Kingdom, Which commander is nicknamed the Father of Conquest ? The three great philosophers of ancient Greece were Plato, Aristotle, and? Which commander was paired with Minamoto? Homer’s ‘The Iliad’ focuses on events happening during which war or battle? In which city is Denmark’s statue of The Little Mermaid located? Queen Victoria of England was part of which royal house? One “day” on the planet Venus is approximately equal to how many earth days? Which of the following was NOT invented in China? The more genetic variation a population has, the more likely it is that some individual will what? On which continent is the human race generally thought to have originated? Which war ended the rule of the House of Plantagenet and began the rule of the Tudors in England? Which of the following physicists was born on the death anniversary of Galileo Galilei, and died on the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein? In the Commander View page , what buff do commanders acting as a "Iron Guard" get? Participation Requirements: Your City Hall must reach Level 10, and have built a Lyceum of Wisdom. 1.3k Views. Movable type was first used in which country? The process of splitting atoms is known as. Which commander was part of the Battle of Red Cliffs? Which historical figure is entombed in Palenque’s Temple of the Inscriptions? Which period of European history, lasting from 1300 to 1600, saw renewed interest in classical culture and led to far-reaching changes in art, learning, and views of the world? The process Of combining atoms is known as what? Which of these commanders was able to defeat the great Charles in the battle? In Greek mythlogy, which hero quested for the golden fleece? Questions 1-5 are on 15 secs timer, 6-10 are on 12 secs timer and 11-15 are on a 10 secs timer. July 10, 2020, 10:12 am, by You can earn a maximum of 3 Midterm Life Tokens per week. Which of the Babylonian Codes of Law was the first full set of written laws in recorded history? _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); Which of the following was a general during Japan's Genpei War? Which of the following French Kings was known as the Sun King? Which commander is known as Kamakura's warlord? In Greek mythology, what was Achilles’ only weak point? Ditunggu part 5 nya, ya! The Final Exam consists of 15 multiple choice questions that are on a timer. Which European country's king funded Christopher Columbus' famous expedition? In the Commander View page , what buff do commanders acting as a "Tax Officer" get? Who proposed the philosophical idea of “I think, therefore I am”? What causes the distinctive smell in the air after it rains? Once an answer is selected, it cannot be changed. Which of the following commanders was part of the hundred years war? When Achilles refuses to fight, Patroclus puts on Achilles armor, fights the trojans, and dies, who is Patroclus killed by? what is the name for the phenomenon by which organisms that are better adapted to the environment survive to pass traits to their offspring? Insufficient intake of which element may case thyromegaly? Incorrect answers will consume a Finals Life token.

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