There is a price variance between the two that is flat rate. You... Woody is very vocal and friendly! Other restrictons do apply. To learn more, visit the Safety Center. She can go anytime, but would need to be hand fed until she is eating well on her own, which will be within in the next 1-2 weeks! Please keep in mind because of our work & kids activity schedules, email & text usually have a much faster response time, as sometimes we are unable to take calls as they come in. Generally after about 2wks, they will be on your routine (their new routine), they will have decided to trust you and will finally not only want to be with you, but also enjoy your company. New York "The Empire State" - State Capital Albany. CONTACT US: If you have questions that are not answered here please email or call the farm. Milkshake is about 2yrs old, super friendly, adores attention and begging for more veggies. We are pleased about your decision to adopt a Guinea Pig. So if you are not truly interested in purchasing a baby from us, please dont waste our time by having us get shipping quotes, sending invoices and more pictures, etc! He is the sweetest! He is available at the OC location! Spay fee is an additional $375 for pigs over 6wks. This little girl is cute as can be, especially her little pudgy body! ALL of our Pigs are pedigreed. She will potty outdoors if access is available. I am very friendly, though seem shy at 1... Cadbury is the only 1 left from a big group of guineapigs. FLIGHT SHIPPING ANYWHERE IS THE US LOWER 48 FOR $350. Besides PIGS, Cats, Dogs, & Other Pets will be included this year! She will sometimes give kisses when asked and when someone is sitting in the floor, she loves to crawl up on their lap to take a snooze! The websites who claim their adults are under 30 lbs are not being honest! It takes them a minimum of 10 days, on the average, to begin warming up, where a younger baby will only take 3-7 days. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE UNTIL YOU HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND OUR POLICIES!!! Once order is placed it will be delivered to your door in 3-7 days! Depending on the age that you choose, this will need to be a play pen, a crate, or a small gated off area. However in the video, it says Pigs cannot swim...which is FALSE! She is currently used to being in a crate when nobody is around & is using potty pads & a litter box well! Flight shipping done through different major airlines depending on your location. Blue has just started nibbling at dry food, so he in not yet eating well on his own & he is still nursing once, a day. We have been helping animal lovers adopt teacup pigs in New York for several years now. The co-pay costs range from $10-$25 per medication. I will NOT call to check flight schedules, make arrangements, purchase freight tickets or find out general information unless a deposit has been placed & I know you intend on purchasing! If you choose to purchase a bottle baby that is less than 4wks of age, those babies will only come with a 24 hour replacement warranty that will begin as soon as you receive him/her. *OUR SITE IS LARGE & MAY TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO LOAD*. It will never exceed $25 per medication. The best way to find out, is just to ask! Guinea Pig - Snowball - Small - Adult - Male - Small & Furry After that 24 hours, we WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE if something happens. I have a large guinea pig cage w/ the attached hut and attached food dish. Petfinder... At, we offer the latest innovation in guinea pig cages. If you are not going to cook within 4 days of receiving you should keep it frozen. INDESTRUCTIBLE FOOD DISPENSING SLOW FEED BALL FOR PIGS. Snowball is a long haired male piggie. Due to the current volume of calls & emails, we cannot keep up! We are PayPal verified & have 100% buyer feedback score, meaning if you make a purchase with us & do not receive it, PayPal will reimburse you 100% of what you paid to us & the 100% buyer feedback means everyone that has purchased from us has always received what they have ordered & nobody has had any negative feedback to leave. If your pig encounters some type of sickness that is due to “lack of” giving maintenance medications (THIS MEANS IF YOUR PIG CONTRACTS SOME TYPE OR MULTIPLE TYPES OF PARASITES BECAUSE YOU FAILED TO GIVE THE SENT PARASITE PREVENTION OR KEEP UP THE PARASITE PREVENTION MEDICATION EVERY 28 DAYS) after 10 days of the purchase date, you will be responsible for the cost of medications or treatment, and IT WILL ABSOLUTLEY NOT BE COVERED so MAKE SURE to keep your Pig wormed WITH AN INTERNAL & EXTERNAL PARASITE PREVENTION every 28 days! The ball comes with a lifetime warranty and instructions on how to use, clean & fill. It needs to be done every 28 days once they have reached 14-16wks of age. Anything over 4wks of age will come with the regular replacement warranty of 30-90 days. We are very busy, both work full time & do have children and we will get back with you as soon as possible! This little guy was the smallest of his litter! Guinea Pig adoption is a wonderful way to give Guinea Pig another chance and the loving environment. They will come with the UPCOMING dose when you purchase from us and that is to cover the next round they are due for. Search results for "pigs" for sale in New York Browse for sale listings in New York "The Empire State" - State Capital Albany ... Chunky Orange Dilute Guinea Pig for Sale - About 1 year Breed- American Variety- Dilute He's a very chunky and friendly guinea pig who loves to just sit in your arms. He doesnt mind getting a bath as long as the water is hot & he like bubbles! We also offer pasture-raised pigs from Heather Ridge Farms in the Hudson Valley of NY. It is recommended that you order at least 1 week in advance for pick up orders. She has an awesome personality and absolutely loves to play! Occasionally she will also hide in the toy box to take a nap! His personality is just as unique! The cross was specifically crossed to create a breed for specifically being family pets & working with children. Liam is a total sweetheart! Deposits will only be accepted if you are pre-ordering a baby or placing a hold on a baby before it is born, if you will be picking up locally, or if other PRIOR arrangements have been made. He needs to take medication daily a... Are you ready for something wonderful? Please consider adopting as there are many guinea pigs waiting for homes in a number of rescues and shelters. Otherwise payment in full is required! However we do GUARANTEE if your pig exceeds the weight that it should be according to the breed & size specs on the chart above, that we WILL replace it, as long as you can provide the paperwork to show proof that the pig was in fact purchased from us!

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