That can be fine and all, but it’s way more difficult and way more impressive to go the other direction — to successfully strip away the muddiness and shine a clear light on something simple. Like his boss, his brows are thicker. Later, though, the city’s hard-chinned governor, Kray Foresight, awards Thymos a medal. The duo appear to have a close relationship with each other, as Pops harbors and was willing to protect him when Freeze Force arrives. There’s no self-congratulatory pretension that a story needs to galaxy-brain itself to say something important. There, an employee is making pan pizza. That in and of itself is enough reason to trek out to a theater during its limited run to see it on the big screen. Japanese Freeze Force then arrives on the scene. Besides the presence of a logo, his outfit matches with his employer. The moment the circles first appear is breathtaking. Male While one moment might be drawn entirely in greyscale, another might burn your eyes with hot pink, lime green and lightning yellow. Okay but hear me out: That octahedron, the perfect solid that combines squares with triangles, is supposed to represent the salvation of humanity — harnessing the energy of the burnish to salvage some part of the superficial society that’s been built on top of a world that’s burning itself to death with repressed desires. Voice Actor Later, after Galo confronts Kray about his experiments thanks to Lio, the employee is seen once more. Look, we took our square and built triangles on top of it! The burnish flames sparking pink triangles as Lio talks about pride and the need to allow the fire inside him to burn even as society shuns him for it… I mean, you’re reading AniGay, I’m gonna assume you don’t need me to spell that one out much further for you. Unknown Galo also bore witness to Kray and Heris' experiment on him, commenting on how heinous the act was. They’re the muscle behind hits like Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia and Darling in the Franxx, all of which benefit from the studio’s signature stream-of-consciousness visual metaphors. Squares and triangles. It is self-actualization rather than exploitation. There’s a place for subtlety in art, but there’s also a place for… Of course the answer isn’t octahedra. It is both destructive and healing: What it’s destroying isn’t the planet, isn’t the people it touches. This piece contains major spoilers for Promare. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Promare commits unabashedly to the burning, desperate necessity of individual freedom and self-actualization. Read on at your own risk!). While Galo appears to be all brawn and no brain at first, he is actually deeply compassionate and hates to see others hurt. Promare Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. What if what seems bad is actually justified? There’s a place for subtlety in art, but there’s also a place for distilled simplicity. Promare blends impeccable 3D animation with low-fi, expressionist 2D. This means both him and other Burnish seen lived. Freedom to live authentically — good. Aina and Galo berate Vulcan, who merely tells them to "shut up and watch" as he takes the two men away. According to interviews and art books, the only present-time death was Thyma's. For this, he was arrested as well. After the test, his hand is shown fading away. Alongside that, he has a black apron wrapped around his waist, wears blue jeans and tennis shoes. I mean, it’s obvious once you think of it, right? He is then locked in icicle handcuffs. It channels and enhances his own power. When defending himself, the Burnish employee is able to convert the oven's flames into Burnish flames. His boss attempts to defend him, only for Pops to be arrested as well. Galo Thymos works for Burning Rescue, an elite team of firefighters. Eventually, I started to think the entire world would burn and that none of the previous 90 minutes would matter at all—a thought that was as likely as it was humorous. It’s definitely worth seeing at the theater if distributor Gkids is showing it near you. The rabbit hole of shapes goes as deep as you’re willing to fall. The moment I knew I was watching a masterpiece was when I noticed that even the lens flare effects of the sunlight in the rectangular city of Promepolis are rectangular. A scene might include both a super-detailed 3D giant spaceship and a couple simple geometric shapes. What’s beautiful about the geometric symbolism in Promare is that it allows the tensions to be at a universal, allegorical level. They are a rejection of rectangles as an ideal. Characters from Promare. Gueira (Promare) Meis (Promare) Fluff; Humor; Comedy; Pizza; idiots to lovers; Love Confessions; Falling In Love; they are both idiots; no beta we die like men; promaretober; promaretober2020; Day 17: pizza; Lio has mood swings; Galo is perceptive; Summary. As to whether they know each other personally is unknown. When so much of (Western) queer media, if it ever slips through the cracks into the mainstream, doesn’t go further than a “triangles are squares too!” message, circles are revolutionary. Circles are not meeting in the middle, they are not integration into an oppressively angled culture. He is strapped to a device surrounded by machinery and scientists. Alive (After the third or fourth transformation, the audience in the theater with me began to laugh hysterically.) A triangle trapped inside a rectangle. He appears twice throughout the film, once at the pizzeria and the other in Heris' lab. Yuu Okano Look, the sacrifice of the burnish is noble and their pain serves the future of mankind! Due to a series of plot twists occurring both early and late into the story, all spoilers are unmarked. It’s a good film for sure, and for those who haven’t seen at lot of Trigger it’ll be a lot of fun. Billy Bob Thompson. Promare is so powerful because it shines with this moral clarity: Oppression — bad. Known for their over-the-top animation and absurdist humor, Studio Trigger is a hot name in Japanese animation right now. Of course, these techniques involve mechs and scantily-clad heroes. (Warning! Pizzaria Employee According to artworks and interviews, the only deaths were Deus and Thyma, meaning the employee and various other Burnish lived. As Pops is not Burnish, he was likely not sent to the same institution as the employee. Rectangles — lawns and buildings and city blocks of Promepolis, blocks of ice, the barrel of a freezing gun, cubical elevators, cubical cells, cubical restraints, tiled rectangles of windows and doors, rectangular barriers. The whatever-it’s-called warp engine pulling energy from triangular cells down a right-angled grid into an octahedron, the one platonic solid containing both 90- and 60-degree angles. Portrayal: Yuu Okano The first image of Promare is a triangle constrained inside a rectangle, distorted and maimed as the walls close in around it. He’s living his truth! He would rescue some survivors and deliver some ridiculous lines about his firefighting soul before eventually confronting a Burnish leader, also in a mech, named Lio Fotia. Promare is the new action drama anime film from Studio Trigger.The film is delightfully colorful and surprisingly queer. Characteristics This creates a mini portal the scientists transport themselves with. Name How Thelma Re-Defines the Monstrous Feminine in Horror, World-Changing Perspectives from ‘Inside Bill’s Mind’, How to Draw out Authenticity in a Documentary Edit, Midsommar is the Perfect Recapitulation of Female Rage, ‘The Devil All The Time’ is Gritty and Bleak. The anime callbacks—from Sailor Moon to Evangelion—are ridiculous. He is willful and often relies on that to get through battles. The people with this flame-throwing power are known as the Burnish, and many years into the future, when Promare is set, humans learn how to contain the awful destruction with futuristic firefighting techniques. Promare’s first scene features the reckless hero fighting a skyscraper blaze using a mech that transformed more times than I could reasonably count. Galo is the only one who comes close to matching him.

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