a Brazilian version exists on the Brazilian version of. Other series have only the SPTI in-credit logo, depending on the country and its native language. 2. Availability: Extremely rare. On August 22, 2013, Sony Pictures Television acquired a majority stake in Simon Andrae's new production company Scarlet Media. co-production with Blye-Beard Productions in season 1 and Pollock/Davis, Inc. in season 2, co-production with Rothman/Wohl Productions, co-produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and distributed for barter syndication through Claster Television, distribution only; produced by Witt-Thomas-Harris Productions, distribution; produced by The David Gerber Company, co-production with Larry Larry Productions, mini-series; with Larry White Productions and Gay-Jay, with L.J. These are the channels owned and operated and jointly operated by Sony Pictures Television. Jointly owned by AT&T through WarnerMedia (42%). is a game show on Dave that involved contestants having to physically find the answers to questions and bring them back to host Jason Byrne in order to win money. co-produced with Herbert B. Leonard Productions, with Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions. with The Malins Company, FanFare Productions, co-production with United Artists Media Group (2015), MGM Television (2016), co-produced with Famous Horses, Fedora Entertainment, Touchy Feely Films, and, co-produced with Afemme, Get Lifted Film Company, Weed Road Pictures Safehouse Pictures, Wandering Rocks Productions, and, with David Hudgins Productions, Carol Mendelsohn Productions, and, co-produced with 25/7 Productions and Lake Paradise Entertainment, with Hollywood Gang Productions, Critical Content and Story Machine, Advertising sales only; produced and distributed by, with Osprey Productions, Firm Management and. It was also seen on Dawson's Creek on The N (now Teen Nick) and early Designing Women episodes on TV Land. Pioneer was bought by Columbia and renamed Screen Gems in 1948, reincorporated as Columbia Pictures Television on May 6, 1974, and merged with sister studio TriStar Television (formed in 1986 and relaunched in 1991) to form Columbia TriStar Television on February 21, 1994. Availability: Rare outside the U.S. Liberty Global agreed to sell Film1 to Sony Pictures Television on March 27, 2015. [11] The revival received mostly positive reviews from critics and fans, and, as well as high viewing figures, led to ITV renewing the show for another series with Clarkson returning as host. Above them panning back says “COLUMBIA TRISTAR INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION” above the Torch Lady and the Pegasus. We would see the animation of the TriStar Pegasus unfolding his wings just like the 1993 theatrical logo. However, two months later, Andrae dropped his plans for Scarlet and was tapped to become executive vice-president of alternative entertainment for Fox. Music/Sounds: An ascending, zoom-like synthesizer effect. co-production by Rodney-Young Productions, co-produced with Herbert B. Leonard Productions. The orange blinking variant was spotted on a promo for Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Most of the Sony Wonder television library is currently owned by Studio100 Media/m4e. GetTV: A movie-focused digital multicast network to air classic films by Sony Pictures, that was scheduled to launch in Fall 2013. based on the 1984 film Ghostbusters by Columbia Pictures, based on the 1984 film Starman by Columbia Pictures, based on the 1984 movie and its sequel by Columbia Pictures, Distributed outside of U.S. television by CBS Studios International, Sony co-produces the series for season 8 only as part of the company-led consortium's purchase of its producer, MGM Television  On December 16, 2013, Tuvalu Media joined forces with financing firm Karmign and acquired SPT's 60% stakes to regain independence. On March 1, 2012, SPT acquired a majority stake in UK independent production company Silver River Productions. (Not to be confused with Jim Victory Television, a defunct syndication company previously owned by MTM Enterprises.) For channels owned under Film1, see Film1. In the past, it was seen on any Sony shows worldwide. Formerly known as Columbia Pictures International Television and Columbia TriStar International Television (1992–2002). Formerly known as Screen Gems (1948–1974), Columbia Pictures Television (1974–2001), and Columbia TriStar Television (1994–2002). https://sony.fandom.com/wiki/Sony_Pictures_Television?oldid=21135. Music/Sounds: The same generic hip hop-like jingle from the 1997 CTHV logo. Productions, produced by Elliottland Productions and Mirkinvision, co-production with Don Mischer Productions and Frontier Pictures, co-production with Ian Gurvitz Productions and, seasons 3–4 only; co-production with and owned by Together Again Video Productions, Executive produced by live-action TV veteran, with Children's Television Workshop (1999–2001) and, co-produced with Brad Grey Television and Desert Rat Productions, in association with The JC Group and Blue Train Entertainment. Note: Adelaide serves as copyright holder and producer of the following shows, but bears the logo of the respective SPE branch. Sometimes, the closing audio from th… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the middle is a black rounded code-out box with the white word "columbia" which then changes intro "tristar". FX/SFX: The zoom out. This was co-produced with Afro-Mic Productions. One of the trailers which had this logo was Ihaka: Blunt Instrument. It was later reincorporated as Sony Pictures Television International (now "Sony Pictures Television") on September 16, 2002. GSN (58%): Launched on December 1, 1994. First series to be produced by Screen Gems. Screen Gems acquired syndication rights after McCadden Productions dissolved. The same effect was used at one point in The Fairly OddParents episode "Crash Nebula". with David E. Kelley Productions, Nomadicfilm, with Hurwitz & Schlossberg Productions and, with Bro Bro, Shark vs. Bear and Fan Fare, with Happy Madison Productions and ABC Studios, with Gozie ABCO, Chipmunk Hill, Getaway Productions and, with Comedy Dynamics, Nuance Productions and The Cloudland Company, with Radioactive Fishtank, Vital Signs Entertainment and Starlings Television, with Pampola Productions, Mad Bean Productions and, with Juban Productions, Julius Sharpe International Petroleum & Writing, Exhibit A and, with Cloud Nine Productions and Olive Bridge Entertainment, with Sony Pictures Animation, Lord Miller Productions, and, co-production with Ron Samuels Productions, then produced by Columbia Pictures Television in January 1988. co-production with Ian Gurvitz Productions, co-production with Don Mischer Productions, Frontier Pictures and New World Television, TV pilot; co-production with New World Television, with In Front Productions and Nuance Productions, co-production with In Front Productions and Itzbinso Long Productions, finished under Columbia TriStar Television, co-production with Katie Face Productions, Columbia TriStar Television from 1999–2000; co-production with Jeff Franklin Productions, Columbia TriStar Television from 1999–2000; co-production with, distribution outside of the U.S. and Canada only; produced by, co-production with Mastrofilm and MediaTrade, produced by TV Tokyo and licensed by Avex, Inc. in North America, co-produced by Anderson Entertainment and Indestructible Production Company, co-production with Columbia Pictures Television, co-production with Columbia Pictures Television (1982–1984) and Rona II Productions. co-production by Bruce Lansbury Productions, Ltd. distribution only; produced by Witt-Thomas-Harris Productions, co-production by Reiner-Mishkin Productions, co-production by Bennett/Katleman Productions, distribution; produced by The David Gerber Company, co-production with Larry Larry Productions, mini-series; with Larry White Productions and Gay-Jay, with L.J. Sony Pictures Animation Inc. is an American animation studio owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment through their Motion Picture Group division and founded on May 9, 2002. Produced in association with and distributed by, With the last seasons of 8-9 of Columbia Pictures Television, co-production with Lightkeeper Productions from 1982 to 1984, co-production with Hunter-Cohan Productions from 1987 to 1992, co-production with Hugh Wilson Productions, co-production with ACT III Television and, co-production with Universal Belo Productions, with Katie Face Productions and Envy Productions, co-production with Savage Cake Productions, syndicated nighttime version distributed by, co-production with Wink Martindale Enterprises and distributed by King World, co-production with Braun Entertainment Group, co-production with Bill Norton Productions, co-production with James D. Parriott Productions, Navarone Entertainment and Rick Husky Productions, mini-series; co-production with ItzBinso Long Productions and P.A. Logo: Against a plum purple background, the print Columbia and TriStar boxes filled with pink, and the text: zoom out, while two pink parentheses facing both sides, criss-cross to fill the boxes with plum purple. FX/SFX: None or the scrolling of the credits. A few moments later, the "WARNING" turns to "ATTENTION" and the text turns to French. Cine Sony Television: A US/Spanish language network launched in August 2012. On Crackle prints of The Critic, the logo is followed by the ‘93 CPT logo. 1. [16], Hot Right Now is a BBC One Northern Ireland topical talk show, in which Vinny Hurrell is joined by Gemma Garrett, Orlaith McAllister, Rebecca Maguire and Ashleigh Coyle as they take to the road to explore the unique quirks of Northern Ireland. Availability: Near extinction. The words stacked features: Variant: On the Turkish version of Married... with Children (entitled Evli ve Çocuklu), the long version of this is used. with Brillstein-Grey Communications and Mr. Willoughby, Inc. with Brillstein-Grey Communications and Christopher Thompson Productions (season 1), with Hyperion Animation and Sunbow Productions, distribution only; produced by Hall of Production, NBC Studios and Castle Rock Entertainment, with Brillstein-Grey Communications/Brad Grey Television (1996–2002), Winifred Hervey Productions, Stan Lathan Television, and Universal Television (1999–2002), distribution only; produced by KoMut Entertainment and Castle Rock Entertainment, with Brillstein-Grey Communications/Brad Grey Television (1997–2003), Steven Levitan Productions and Universal Television (1999–2003), with Double Secret Productions (entire run), Gekko Film Corp. (seasons 1-8) and MGM Television (entire run), with O'Brien/Alu Productions and Alan Haymon Productions, with Katlin/Bernstein Productions and CBS Productions, with Katie Face Productions, Kokoro Productions and NBC Studios, with Katlin/Bernstein Productions, Panamort Television, and Greengrass Productions, with NBC Studios and Christopher Thompson Productions, with Mandalay Television and Lions Gate Television (season 2), with Sternin and Fraser Ink, CC Lyons Productions and Bell Prime Time, with Mandalay Television and Lions Gate Television (seasons 2–3), with Lawton Entertainment and Columbia TriStar Television Distribution/Domestic Television, with Moffitt/Lee Productions (1998–2002), One-Ho Productions (1998–2002), and Henry Winkler-Michael Levitt Productions (2002–2004), with Hanley Productions, CBS Productions, and CBS Paramount Network Television, with Johnson/Hancock Productions and CBS Productions, with Sonnenfeld Josephson Worldwide Entertainment, with Columbia TriStar Home Video/Entertainment, with Children's Television Workshop/Sesame Workshop, with Silver Pictures Television and Christopher Thompson Productions, with Christopher Thompson Productions and CBS Productions, with Paul Haggis Productions and CBS Productions, with Mandalay Television and Lions Gate Television, with One Ho Productions and By the Lake Productions, with D-Train Productions, All Girl Productions, and CBS Productions, distribution only; produced by Artists Television Group and Darren Star Productions, distribution only; produced by Artists Television Group, NBC Studios and Captain Shadow & Steve, with Darren Star Productions and Artists Television Group, with Chupack Productions, Touchstone Television and Artists Television Group, with Douglas Schwartz/Steven L. Sears Productions, distribution only; produced by Artists Television Group and NBC Studios, with Sonnenfeld/Josephson Worldwide Entertainment, with The Hurwitz Company and CBS Productions, with David Hollander Productions, Gran Via Productions, and CBS Productions, with Brad Grey Television and Go Mike Go Productions, with Touchstone Television and Seth Kurland Productions, with David Salzman Enterprises, John Davies Enterprises, Inc. and NBC Studios, Porchlight Entertainment, Modern Cartoons, Wonderwings.com.

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