Don't act like you don't know You can watch it in this Welsh Assembly tweet. He was then brought to life and given special powers of superhuman strength and flying using his rocket boots every time he whispers a secret magic word. He took him to a magic cloud where Mother Nature gave him special powers... padding: 5px; That bear became SUPERTED! Jon Pertwee also went from Doctor Who to SuperTed. SuperTed is the main character and protagonist in the both the books and tv shows. 80s Cartoons retro rating: 5/5, var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; No comments: Post a comment. The SuperTed cartoons feature arguably the campest cartoon character ever: Skeleton (played by Melvyn Hayes). Someone – you may be able to guess who – has been looting ivory tusks from a sacred graveyard of the elephants, and SuperTed comes to stop it. Both of them are shaped and have the image of a teddy bear. All the original cartoons are available to buy on DVD. Superted Costumes at FancyDressOutfitters. In July 2014, Mike Young told the Radio Times that plans were apaw (OK, afoot) to bring back SuperTed for 26 half-hour episodes, which he hoped would be picked up for broadcast in 2016. Click here to see a picture. Episode Length: 10 mins Perhaps the best is this tribute, where the backing music is an extended version of the closing theme, with lyrics provided too. When he was made, they found something wrong with him... And threw him away like a piece of rubbish into an old dark storeroom... Then, from outer s___e, a spotty man, brought him to life with his cosmic dust! Produced by: Siriol Animation / Mike Young }. Texas Pete however ties them up and sends them hurtling towards the sun where Blotch is also heading. In February 2016, Mike Young was quoted in The Telegraph and elsewhere as saying, "We hope it will be back in production this year." Skeleton, caught by SuperTed hiding with his arm round a fake skeleton on a ghost train ride, in SuperTed At The Fun Fair. A faulty teddy bear is removed from the factory line and dumped down a chute into a cellar. In return, Spotty tells SuperTed about the planet Spot. When you've finished on this page, you might like to read this article on SuperTed, originally published in Animator magazine in Autumn 1984. Please let us know. SuperTed to the rescue. Spotty’s family are heading for the space station in order to visit him, and SuperTed pops out to check on a broken satellite. If there is trouble, then people around the world can call him on his hotline and he will spring into action to help them. Space exploration, Games with Spotty, Milkshakes, his Spotty Teddy Bear, Tex's evil schemes, Spotty getting into trouble, people in danger.

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