In the present study, we isolated and characterized a MYB transcription factor gene (MdMYBA) from apple skin. The shape of each petal of all the transgenic plants became more triangular than that of the wild type, and, consequently, lobation of the flower petals was more apparent in all seven transformants (Fig. 4C–J). The 859 bp full-length MdMYBA cDNA contained an open reading frame (ORF) encoding 243 amino acid residues with the first in-frame ATG at nucleotide position 51 and a stop codon at position 783 (data not shown). The F2 fragment contains four types of MYB-binding sites and one bHLH-binding site (Fig. as a result of ultraviolet (UV)-B irradiation. (1996) showed that the recombination frequency between skin colors for the color marker was approximately 1.7%, indicating that a distance of 1.5 cM between MdMYBA and BC226-STS (a1) may be within the allowable range of error. (1996) correspond to MdMYB1-1, MdMYB1-3 and MdMYB1-2, respectively. The relationship between temperature and endodormancy progression was studied in the Japanese chestnut ‘Porotan’. Meanwhile, no differences between MdMYB1-1 and MdMYB1-2 were detected in the first intron (Takos et al. Thus, MdMYBA might bind to one or both of these sequences. 'Mutsu,' a triploid apple cultivar harboring non-transcribed MdMYB1-2 and MdMYB1-3 alleles, retains green skin color under field conditions. The MYB-binding site at position −183 (indicated with an asterisk) shows high similarly to the MYB-recognition element in Arabidopsis that was proposed by Hartmann et al. Moreover, C1 and PL induce the expression of multiple anthocyanin biosynthetic genes such as CHS, DFR and UFGT (Cone and Burr 1989). for floral... UDP-galactose:flavonoid 3-O-galactosyltransferase (UFGalT) is responsible for cyanidin 3-galactoside (cy3-gal) synthesis from cyanidin (cy) and UDP-galactose Comparison of the deduced amino acid sequence of MdMYBA with those of several other plant anthocyanin-related MYB transcription factors revealed a high degree of sequence similarity in the R2 and R3 DNA-binding domains of these proteins (Fig. UV-B and temperature treatments were performed as described by Ubi et al. In fruitlets of ‘Tsugaru’, we could not detect any MdMYBA transcripts despite apparent anthocyanin accumulation (Fig. A 5 μg aliquot of total RNA from ‘Tsugaru’ apple skin was used to prepare RACE-Ready cDNAs with a SMART RACE cDNA Amplification Kit (Clontech) following the manufacturer's instructions. ), we performed the isolation and expression analysis of one R2R3-type MYB gene named MdMYBB. 8). The indole‐3‐acetic acid (IAA) level in stony hard peaches is low at the late‐ripening stage, resulting in low ethylene production and inhibition of fruit... ‘Kurenainoyume’ is a newly released type 2 red-fleshed apple with pinkish flesh color. the contribution of UDP-galactose pathway to cy3-gal accumulation in... Aluminum (Al) stress is a major cause of poor crop yields, particularly in those countries where acid soil predominate. The other is encoded by VvMYB5a, whose expression was observed in the early fruit stage (Deluc et al. (B) Map position of MdMYBA in linkage group Deli 09 in the ‘Delicious’ map. Regulation of By counting these segregated DNA bands, we mapped MdMYBA to the lower part of linkage group Deli 09 [near the region of the BC226-STS (a1) marker] in the ‘Delicious’ map (Fig. domestica (Borkh.) 3A). GC–MS and GC analyses suggested that the boiling point of the endogenous compounds in apple skin is an important determinant of the compositio... To get deeper insight on the molecular mechanism underlying production of volatile compounds in apple (Malus domestica Borkh. The PCR was performed according to the instructions provided by the supplier of the Taq DNA polymerase (r-Taq or LA-Taq, TAKARA SHUZO CO. LTD, Siga, Japan). Salt stress led to severe growth retardation, based on electrolyte leakage (EL... モモの溶液受粉における花粉懸濁液の開発を目指して,花粉懸濁液へのペクチンメチルエステラーゼ(PME)またはポリガラクツロナーゼ(PG)の添加について好適な濃度の探索ならびに増粘剤を組み合わせた花粉懸濁液が結実および果実品質に及ぼす影響の調査を行った.その結果,0.1 mg・L−1のPMEまたはPGを添加した花粉懸濁液で花粉管伸長量が最も増大することが認められた.これらの結果を踏まえて,‘川中島白桃’を用いて溶液受粉を実施した結果,溶液受粉区は慣行受粉区に比べて結実率は低いものの,花粉懸濁液にPMEまたはPGを添加することで懸濁された花粉の花粉管伸長能が高く維持され,結実率が向上した.さらに,増粘剤としてキサンタンガム(XG)の添加効果も確かめられた.また,溶液受粉や溶液の組成は果実品質に影響... Red coloration of apple (Malus × domestica) skin is an important determinant of consumer preference and marketability.

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