!, in the name of Jesus. ​​Can I get a witness? These cookies do not store any personal information. This is a testimony that came into our inbox just a few days ago from a couple that is having amazing financial breakthrough after receiving the revelation of "eating the fat of the land". Both these above revelations are key to having a consistent flow of finances in our lives. I encourage everyone who is believing God for a miracle to hang in there and put their trust in God. Isaac wanted to leave the country, but God appeared to him and told him to stay put and invest. God Bless you. We started our own bank. I realized that my finances drastically changed and I have been receiving many favors wherever I go. We hope you are encouraged as we are! Sometimes life gets very tough, we work as hard as we can but it seems it is all in vain. It, Just finished this giant rosette for my La Passaca, partnership details and products available for sale here, Small Group Curricula on Women’s Ministry Tools, I will then email you the class materials within 24 hours to the email listed on your PayPal account. Jamie, Quick question. You just have to learn whatever skills you are missing, and you’re never too old to learn. Hi, I'm Jamie. In June 2011, my mother signed me up to become a Gospel Wings Covenant Partner with TTOR. Most times, such miracles happen to provide relief in serious crisis situations. I knew that word was for me. thank very for your message regarding financial breakthrough. And let the testimonies I shared above from Brother R and Sister E prophesy into your life whether you get the class or not, okay? And I received two testimonies within the last few days from our readers–testimonies that are FREAKING ME OUT. Office Address: 1 Innovation Way, Suite B Woodland Park, CO 80863 Mailing Address: PO Box 3333 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 Helpline: 719-635-1111 Fax: 719-635-1777 Email: info@awmi.net Website: www.awmi.net To God be the Glory! Shortly after I registered, I found out that I didn’t have to pay tuition and that I would be getting money back. I began attending Sunday services, which were just ten minutes from home. I am free from depression and leave services with joy and peace in my heart. And, thank you in advance! ). I belong to several departments in my church but one of my favourite departments is the prison ministry. A great many blessings to you in Christ, Jamie. I decided to commit my situations into God's hand, knowing He is more than able. Specifically the blog post about “Witty Inventions.” I followed that blog post and put it into action, and God spoke to me. We may experience losses or extreme difficulty irrespective of how hard we work. I started attending TTOR three years ago with problems in every area of my life. For example, someone shared a story with me some time ago. Some now believe that if they haven’t experienced that kind of miracle, that they’ve not gotten a financial miracle breakthrough. We have people in this community who have all different kinds of interests. The point is for us not to adore one method of God’s provision and insist that’s how we’re going to be blessed or nothing else. I am a landlord at 29! For several years, I had a skin condition that kept getting worse; antibiotics didn’t help. Have faith. Praise the Lord for giving you insight into financial difficulties/issues. Glory be to GOD MOST HIGH!!!! God's faithfulness is from the ages past, therefore have a sit and read through this Testimonies to encounter a turn around in your all areas of your life. I watched my video views and daily earnings rise significantly on a daily basis. You have opened your Gates of Provision Be encouraged as you read this and know that God is not a respecter of persons; what He's doing for us, what he's doing for this couple, he will do for you as well, as you receive this word and activate it by faith! Below are the revelations discussed in the video…. These cookies will be stored in your browser. I knew that it was the Lord moving and shifting things so I could receive my blessing. may God bless you. Login/Register access is temporary disabled, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Command the Month of November + Three -Day Emergency Fasting and Prayers for America, 3 Free Books You’ll Love & Prayers to Command the Month, October, Personal Deliverance Retreat, Week 3: Deliverance Prayers For Your Marriage, Family and Home, Personal Deliverance Retreat, Week 2: Warfare Prayers Against Witchcraft. How to Pray for Financial Breakthrough ( Part 4) - Powerful Prayers for Financial Miracles, Business and Career Breakthrough Daniel C. Okpara He is the founder of Better Life World Outreach Center, a non-denominational ministry dedicated to global evangelism and … Financial Breakthrough Testimonies "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." As Christians we spend time and seek the LORD for direction on what to do. You heard that right: a bank. God's Word says that you need to be an entrepreneur. If you’re experiencing great financial challenges which are not as a result of laziness, you can stand in God’s WORD and break the power of the devil over your finances. We have real estate agents and stockbrokers and teachers and stay-at-home moms and lawn-mowing people and dog walkers. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Now, I have the best family ever, my two beautiful children are well provided for, and I’m happy and sleep well. 4. Praying the Names of God: The Ultimate FREE Guide. LOL, let me say, I took your blog post LITERALLY. She offered to review my taxes and told me to come back the following day. Please share your testimonies of financial breakthrough with us by replying to this message of contacting us on our website here, Here is a free copy of our Ebook Accessing your Inheritance through TPW – Thanksgiving Praise and Worship, PS: For more teachings for those called into Kingdom Business, PPS: Here is the link to the Global Day of TPW – hell-o-ween has been cancelled what to do on the 31 October. The Entrepreneurship Mandate is a 2-hour video class and includes 13 pages of notes. MINDBLOWING TESTIMONY: FINANCIAL MIRACLE. I had a meeting with some few people from our church, the message I ministered was "Faith to remove mountains" Wow! Then watch these video’s and read the article, not just once but a few times until the truth soaks down into your spirit and you can start to practice the truth in these revelations. i will appreciate if you so do. Thank you Jamie and may Blessings abound through your ministry. This is pretty normal; after all, “money answers all things” according to the Bible and it's required for nearly every transaction on earth. I thank God for placing me in The Temple of Restoration where His truth is being told and where hope and faith comes alive. Well obviously by late 2017, Bitcoin was skyrocketing in value, and I said to my husband that I so regretted that I talked him out of mining bitcoin back in 2012/2013. She made it quite clear that if I wanted to move up in the company, I would have to accept certain positions that required a lot of travel; only senior positions did not require travel. I’m at a loss. He showed me that no matter what we need from the Lord if we have prayed the prayer of faith according to the word in Mark 11:24, that all we need to do is continue in thanksgiving and praise as Psalm 100 states. He is our Provider, Nurturer, and our ABUNDANCE. For six years, he languished in this depressing state. After awhile, I came to the conclusion I had to be cursed. Ready for Radical Prayers and Radical Answers? I told my mother what I was told and immediately she decided to fast about the situation. Now I know for myself, God is real and His Word is true. I want life changing testimonies of what God did in the lives of the brethren to the glory of God. I need you; we are in this together! You can command the devil to loose his hold on your finances and release the angels of goodness to bring your finances to you. Would you help me with my work of reaching people for Jesus as a domestic missionary? In 2013 the Lord sent an angel to Mirjam in order to teach me how to catch fish. As we pray, God gives us ideas and shows us what to do, and connects us with the right people. Healing. My life revolves around me and my commitment to God and I was serving him to the best of my ability. I decided to double my efforts in seeking Him, and within a few months, I got a major financial breakthrough. However, after visiting The SCOAN and receiving the Anointing Water, he received an incredible, miraculous breakthrough that made him forget the pain of the past! Anything I had of value that I could give to others who needed it more, I did. Just by my mother sowing $20 per month, within one year God granted me a breakthrough of thousands of dollars. I found these words of yours to be most helpful: When we faithfully commit that which we promise God, He will never leave us to find our own way. Months later in 2018, God in His own way started to reveal things to me. Amazing how faithful God is Who gave her a financial breakthrough when she obeyed the Lord and used her … Powerful Testimony/Financial Breakthrough. Bless you, Jamie, and your work for the Lord. Then back up that willingness by making sincere concerted efforts. I also owed the IRS $10,000 and they were about to garnish my paycheck. So if you find yourself at a point where you really need a financial assistance, a raise, a push, or you feel that the enemy is threatening your finances, you can pray and loose the angels of goodness and mercy to work and bring your supplies back. Yes, I know that God can do all things, but it’s not a good idea for us to expect manna to fall from the sky. I encourage them to continue fasting, praying and sowing seeds and most importantly continue being a faithful tither. Thank you Laura for your comment. We started our own bank. Read more than thrice and meditate on it, hold unto God who was faithful for others to show His faithfulness on your behalf, family and friends. God is truly awesome! That’s basically what I did for several nights and broke the enemy’s hold over my finances. I also received a scholarship to Medgar Evers College, where I will be attending this coming September. I mean, really. I totally would be excited if you wrote a book on that subject matter. The principal way that God blesses His people is through the works of their hands; that is, through your job or career or business. He is the founder of Better Life World Outreach Center, a non-denominational ministry dedicated to global evangelism and equipping of God's people to live a better life. Powerful Prayers Sent to Your Inbox Every Monday. Fasting and praying will clear off spiritual barriers and obstacles but you have to do some digging here and there.

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