Use a flat iron for straight hair to create the right amount of natural-looking waves. A mullet fade removes any unnecessary grooming steps by keeping it long enough in the back. Benjamin Franklin wore a skullet. The mullet pairs well with different hairstyles, and you can get as creative as you want with the front of your hair. Mullett websites generally credit the coining of this phrase to Mike D of the Beastie Boys. It is usually worn by men. It combines a swept-back top with the sides faded almost level with the hairline at the forehead. The mullet is a hairstyle in which the hair is short at the front and sides, but long at the back. Another style chameleon, Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord is here to wow us with yet another extravagant hairstyle. It’s also a great way to sweeten up a very punk alternative look and make it look more feminine. Don’t think you can just wash and go if you want to pull this off! Some of the most frequently asked questions include: If you are interested in a mullet haircut, most barbers recommend a length that is between two and six inches. We’ll end this list of woman mullet haircut and hairstyle inspiration with none other than Rihanna. While the mullet is making a comeback, this cut is one men’s hairstyle most guys will never get. Instead of going for a skin fade or a very accentuated shave, consider fading the sides. Joe Diffie? This hairstyle combines older mullet traditions with a contemporary twist. Slicked back hair gels with every haircut including mullets. It’s limiting. Because of its volume and bounciness, curly hair makes the different layers of the mullet haircut blend seamlessly. There are a few important points about mullet hair that everyone should note. Anyway, back to the party—the party in the back. Long story short, this style has some serious staying power, so we shouldn’t be too surprised about its contemporary resurrection, right? Take this photo, for example, as inspiration for how you can wear a bob mullet. While we’ve already seen several examples of how you can sport a modern mullet with shaved sides, we are here showing you a more subtle take on this idea. The fringe is cut into a V-shape while the long back hair was dyed in red and blonde. We spoke of the queen of rock’n’roll, now we move on to the actress that portrayed her in the 2010 movie, The Runaways. You’ve decided that the mullet is for you. Comedian and podcaster Theo Von has been rocking a mullet for a few years, and Rapper RiFF RAFF created a mullet sporting alter ego named Dale Dan Tony. It provides a sharp contrast to the way the sides have faded almost to the skin. You want to go with the natural waves of your hair and see how things lay. Use a flat or curling iron to etch in the right amount of “just got out of bed” tousle. We’ve talked and show various ways to wear a modern mullet but it is just as important to know where it all began! Create an elegant quiff on top and a close fade on the side. A more sporty version of the Mississippi Mudflap, the Kentucky Waterfall is slightly more subdued with a more reasonable front-to-back length ratio. Neat, messy, it all works. For this style, you’re going to be working the hair up and back. The mullet haircut may have a reputation for being messy, but this look is surprisingly sharp. Then, a gel or pomade can be used to keep the sides in place while also adding shine. Before going all makeup-free and fully embracing the natural movement and look, songbird Alicia Keys also sported this very sleek and elegant version of a mullet with shaved sides. When it comes to mullet hair, there are a few styling tips to keep in mind. Your email address will not be published. Neckbeards: Everything You Wanted [And Didn’t Want] To Know. You can opt to slick it back, go with a modern quiff, or add a hard part to it. Just don’t forget the buzz-grooves above the sideburns. This soft hairstyle straddles the territory between a fauxhawk and a mullet just as much as it balances between being masculine and feminine. It is often described as business in the front but a party in the back. The mullet haircut had a bad rep and both women and men alike started shying away from it after its heydays back in the 70s and 80s. There are lots of gels from which to choose; however, most hair products strike a balance between shine and holding power. But if you own it, it’s a slick style that not a lot of other men will have. A classic mullet haircut style, the Mississippi Mudflap embodies everything the mullet hair genre is meant to achieve. Hell, even Billy Ray Cyrus’ legendary bi-level (yep, that’s another name for a mullet) came to be known as the “Achy-breaky-bad-mistakey.”. She is also wearing a mullet for long hair, but one that is perfectly straight and which was further accentuated by the baby bangs and short and choppy hair on the crown of the head. This cut combines Caesar bangs in the front, shaved-down sides, and an abundance of unruly curls in the back. It’s got a natural matte finish making it perfect for bringing out the texture in your hair. For the front, use pomade as well as a brush to create a stylish wave on the side. This is a highly technical haircut, and the difference between a good mullet and a bad one is glaring. Either way, be prepared to see more of them in 2020. You’ll be doing maintenance from this point on—getting the sides tapered, trimming the top, etc. If you’re into 80’s men’s hairstyles or simply want longer hair flowing at your nape, then these mullet hair ideas will inspire you! Wave grease can help you get 360 waves. The fringe is one of the defining elements of the mullet and just can’t miss from this cut – but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with it too! This cut is achieved by cutting the sides short, dying the hair blond, and never applying any further care. It won’t. Just as the bangs, they are also choppy for a more edgy look. One response to this is a mullet haircut that reduces the risk of whiplash by providing padding to the head and neck. Toby Keith? The trick to a mullet fade is striking the right contrast between the long hair on top and the shorter hair on the sides. Some care is needed to create the necessary graduation between the buzzed sides and back and the nest-like top. The volume on top is extremely neat and the design in his fade is even more precise. You can opt to slick it back, go with a modern quiff, or add a hard part to it. The big thing here is proportion. This is a hip hop group that was popular during the 1990s. Use a curling iron to loosely add curls and waves. Mullet haircuts are a perfect way to blend short and long hair into one unique style. Use a brush or your fingers and a dab of wax to stretch and push the hair exactly where you want to go. Even though it may be oddly reminiscent of Kate Gosselin’s infamous soccer mom cut, this look has a silhouette that’s anything but uptight. Well, actually, there are two more products we need to talk about—Shampoo and Conditioner. This sleek blond style evokes the same biker feel. The actress herself stated that the shag-mullet. “Carrying on the counter-culture spirit of the 70s, the modern mullet is a protest against conventional beauty,” Braudie Blais-Billie points out in her article titled, from queer culture to high fashion, the mullet is a protest against conventional beauty. One of the most iconic examples of the mullet comes from the popular band Beastie Boys. Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect mullet haircut for an employee of a vegan coffee shop and juice bar? Also, like in the first example, the hair was dyed silver and provides a superb contrast to the naturally dark back and sides. The tradeoff is that it also takes longer to grow your hair out to six inches. This style isn’t the best option for a workplace with a strict appearance requirement, but it’s foolproof for teenagers who want to break from the norm. Dudes weren’t growing much facial hair in the 80s and 90s. Bowie’s mullet was cool, sure enough, but how many had the courage to copy an androgynous British rocker? If you’re starting with a short hairstyle, such as a fade, expect to give your hair about three to four months. Like other modern mullet haircut reinterpretations, this cut emphasizes its mullet silhouette by fading the hair at the temples and the sideburns. Pomade, gel, wax—what's the difference? Use the gel or pomade to mold it to the desired style. If you follow the punk subculture, chances are you love to take your hair in new directions. All eyes will be on this very cool look that mixes different shades of pink and which ends in almost white tips. 30 Cool Ways to Wear a Woman Mullet & Rock It! In our opinion, A full beard makes the mullet infinitely cooler, and the type of facial hair you pair with it gives you some versatility.

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